Corona-News am Sonntag: The most important developments on Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19

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Hard times for carp pond owners

8:01 a.m .: The corona crisis also poses problems for carp pond farmers in Bavaria. Many of them sell their fish exclusively to the catering trade – which has been closed since the beginning of November. But also fishmongers and butchers are currently reluctant to order, said the Vice President of the State Fisheries Association, Alfred Stier. “We have to fish a lot of fish right now and don’t know whether we will get rid of them for Christmas.”

Bavaria is a center of carp breeding. The approx. 5500 pond owners in the traditional carp regions of Franconia and Upper Palatinate produce 6,000 tons of carp every year, according to estimates by the Bavarian fisheries administration.

Education researcher wants to teach senior students at home

6.41 a.m .: In the debate about school closings, the Kiel education researcher and psychologist Olaf Köller advocated teaching at least older students digitally from home. Programs for distance learning should be set up long-term until the end of March and not just until Christmas, said Köller, who contributed to several statements by the National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina, on the corona pandemic.

In view of the current situation, the younger classes would also have to be made smaller and the distances between them increased. “As long as we have no mass vaccinations and it is cold and wintry, the infection process will remain problematic,” said Köller.

Sharp increases in cases in the US and Mexico

5.40 a.m .: In the USA the number of new corona infections increases within one day by at least 160,777 to a total of 10.92 million, according to a Reuters survey based on official data. Another 1257 people died of or with the virus. This increases the number of deaths to a total of 245,581. The United States has the most infections and deaths in the world.

In Mexico the number of people infected with corona has risen to over a million. A total of 1,003,253 people have tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the pandemic, said the head of the health authorities, Ricardo Cortes, at a press conference in Mexico City on Saturday. According to this, 5,860 new infections were registered within 24 hours. The number of deaths rose by 635 to a total of 98,259.

According to an AFP count, Mexico, with its around 129 million inhabitants, ranks fourth among the countries most severely affected by the corona pandemic – behind the USA, Brazil and India.

Nationwide now 12,485 corona deaths

5.10 a.m .: In Germany, almost 17,000 new infections with the coronavirus were recorded within one day. As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Sunday morning, citing information from the health authorities, 16,947 new cases of infection were recorded within one day. The day before, there were more than 22,000 new infections. Since not all health authorities transmit data on the weekend, the number of cases reported by the RKI is usually lower on Sundays and Mondays than on other days of the week.

According to the latest figures from the institute, a total of 790,503 cases of infection have been registered in Germany since the start of the pandemic. The number of deaths associated with the novel coronavirus rose nationwide to 12,485 – 107 more than the previous day. The number of people recovered was around 502,300.

Kretschmann: Christmas easing only when numbers are falling

4.10 a.m .: Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann makes easing for Christmas dependent on significantly lower numbers of infections. Only when the wave of infections can be broken can we talk about how Christmas can be designed this year, says the Green politician of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. If the numbers continue to rise exponentially, this will overload the hospitals. “So it’s currently about a lot more than Christmas.”

Cities and municipalities against early easing

01.00 a.m .: The Association of Towns and Municipalities speaks out against loosening too early. The number of infections is still too high and the tracking of contacts is not successful across the board, says chief executive Gerd Landsberg to the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”. The closure of gastronomy and culture is tough. But it is precisely this that leads to a significant reduction in contacts between people. It is important to explain the factual arguments for the necessity of the measures. “Only if we get people’s trust will we get through the winter safely.”

78 percent for restaurant openings in December

00:08 am: In a survey, a majority of people in Germany spoke out in favor of restaurants and cultural institutions being allowed to reopen in December. In a representative survey by the Kantar opinion research institute for “Bild am Sonntag”, 78 percent of those surveyed said that restaurants should reopen in December. 68 percent of those surveyed would welcome the opening of cultural institutions. The situation is different with the current contact restrictions: 59 percent are against lifting them in December.

On Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers want to take stock of the partial lockdown. Among other things, restaurants are currently closed, hotels are not allowed to accept holidaymakers, and cultural and leisure facilities have also had to close.

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