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Any Dutchman who is afraid of having the coronavirus among the members could request a test from Monday. And the opening of the catering industry went well. In this live blog we kept you informed on Monday with the latest news about the corona crisis.

The main facts at a glance:

  • The death toll due to the coronavirus in the Netherlands increased by six to 5962 on Monday.
  • Brabant has 9173 corona infections according to the latest RIVM figures, an increase of 6 since Sunday.
  • Read all the news about the coronavirus on our special theme site.

This live blog has been closed. There will be a new live blog on Tuesday.

After weeks of closure, all museums, including the Vincent van Gogh House in Zundert, were allowed to open again today. Curator Ron van Dirven is, despite all measures one and a half meters, relieved and happy.

Train passengers appeared to be well aware on Monday of the obligation to wear a mask in public transport. The NS concluded this after the first day of the new measure. The masks are for sale in the kiosks at the stations.

“We are looking back on a very good day,” said a spokeswoman for cinema chain Pathé. “About 14,000 people visited our cinemas. Most of our performances were sold out.”

Doctors at the CWZ hospital in Nijmegen have discovered that corona patients who become very ill or die very little vitamin K in their
have blood, reports Omroep Gelderland. That is a vitamin that plays an important role in protecting the lungs.

The vitamin is also found in green vegetables such as spinach.

On the first day of the expansion of the corona measures, the extraordinary investigating officers (boas) mainly informed and warned.

According to chairman of Dutch Boa Bond Ruud Kuin, the new rules for the boas also take some getting used to. “This is only the first day, so we also have to see how it goes and take lessons from it. It was also hot weather today and almost everyone was free. But for the time being we also look back on a good day. I have not had any reports of excesses. “

The Galderse Lakes in Breda are closed due to the crowds and that causes problems in other places, forester Alwin Brandt previously said on Twitter. It is much busier than usual in other nature reserves. Later, Brandt removed his tweet after contacting Mayor Paul Depla.

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Dirk Beljaarts, director of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), states that the reopening of the catering industry was mainly quiet and controlled. “I have seen no craziness, no queues or other hassle. Everything went very calmly. In conversations with guests I often heard that people see it as a reward for their good behavior. They have adhered well to the corona measures and are now allowed thank them again on the terrace and to the restaurants “, says Beljaarts.

Monday, chairman Hubert Bruls of the Security Council said “to get back cosiness from the 25 security regions” when the catering and the terraces are reopened.

“It is only an afternoon, that is the comment to make. But my general impression is that the catering industry has started quietly. I have not heard of any excess.”

The cinema opened their doors on Monday, so film fans could return to the movies after more than two months.

On another three mink farms, minks are infected with the corona virus. A fourth company is under further investigation, because it seems that the virus has also struck there.

The virus has now been detected at six Brabant mink farms, at eight locations. These are companies in Gemert-Bakel, Laarbeek, Deurne and Sint Anthonis.

Not only theaters, cinemas, beach bars and other restaurants will be open again on Monday after the weeks-long closure due to corona, churches will also open their doors to the public from 1 June. A number of them immediately held a worship service on Monday on Whit Monday. No more than thirty people were allowed to attend.

On Monday there was already a lot of pressure at the GGD to make an appointment for a corona test. The free, national appointment line (0800-1202) opened at 08:00 and since then it has been so busy that it can take a long time for a caller to take a turn. When you call, you will hear that ‘all our employees’ are currently in a conversation and ‘we will answer you as soon as possible’. People were also told that the number was unavailable and some people lost the connection after they had been on hold for a while. The national number to register for the COVID-19 test opened at 8:00 this morning. Nevertheless, 158 appointments are planned for the GGD West Brabant for Tuesday. According to a spokeswoman, there is ample testing capacity for this.

There are still 158 corona patients in intensive care. That is an ICU patient less than Sunday, the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) reports Monday. In addition, there are 488 non-corona patients in the intensive care unit of the hospitals, 14 less than on Sunday.

According to chairman Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care, the total occupancy with 646 IC beds is low. “As expected, there was no accretion during the Whitsun weekend,” said Kuipers.

The corona crisis appears to have a positive effect on home burglaries. In April, the number of home burglaries halved compared to the same period last year. However, burglars do not sit still and seem to divert to sheds and basement boxes. This represents an increase of no less than 24 percent in registered burglaries.

Independer analyzed and visualized the most recent police figures on burglaries. A total of 11,150 burglaries were registered from January to April 2020. Compared to the same period last year, in which 13,043 times were broken into homes, there is a decrease of 14.5 percent.

The death toll from the coronavirus in the Netherlands has risen by six in the past 24 hours to a total of 5962. This is evident from the daily RIVM figures on Sunday.

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According to the RIVM figures, nine new corona patients have been admitted to the various hospitals in the Netherlands since yesterday. The total number of infections increased by 103 to 46,545.

Our province now has 9,173 corona infections according to the latest figures, an increase of 6 in the past 24 hours. The death toll in our province is 1513 on Monday. For all figures, the actual numbers are higher. This has to do with the fact that not everyone with complaints is actually tested.

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You can go to school again, outdoor sports are allowed again and soon you can also sit on the terrace of your favorite restaurant or café. But one thing remains mandatory everywhere: keep a distance of 1.5 meters. That is why the municipality of Drimmelen is now looking for the best idea to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in public space. Are you younger than 18 and do you have a good idea. Then join in!

The terraces and restaurants are open to the public again. In many Brabant towns and villages, many people use this option again.

On Tuesday morning, the Communist Youth Movement (CJB) hands out face masks to travelers in Den Bosch. Since June 1, it is mandatory to wear face masks in public transport. People who have to travel by public transport for work or other reasons should protect themselves and others. CJB spokesperson Caetano: “Wearing a mask is a great measure, but if you travel for work, your boss should actually provide you with face masks. If you travel for other reasons, it can also be difficult to get mouth masks. This is why the CJB is helping today by handing out free face masks. ”

The corona crisis continues to hinder car sales. According to BOVAG, RAI Association and RDC, the number of new passenger cars that were registered in May decreased by almost 60 percent, compared to the same month in 2019. In April this year there was also a decrease of more than 50 percent. Meanwhile, the sale of used cars has returned to reasonable levels.

Many people use the opportunity to make an appointment for a corona test on Monday morning. The free appointment line opened at 8am and it has been very busy ever since. “We see that there is a lot of calls now with 0800-1202. Please try again later if you have to wait a long time,” asks the GGD.

According to the GGD, people who do not get through it immediately do not have to worry. “We read that because of the crowds, callers do not fear qualifying for an appointment this week. We have a lot of space available to test everyone who calls.”

Around noon the terraces will open again on the Markt and on the Heuven in Oosterhout. If you want to know if it is busy, check the Druk Phone on Whatsapp. On the phone you can see how busy it is: red (it is busy, feel free to come another time), orange (there are still places available but it fills up quite quickly) or green (there is space, you are very welcome) . App for the Market to (06-34122882) and for the Heuvel to 06-34122883.

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More vulnerable students have been discovered as a result of the corona crisis, says more than a quarter of teachers and student counselors in primary and secondary education. This is evident from a national survey by the research program De Monitor (KRO-NCRV) and DUO education research & advice.

Anyone with complaints reminiscent of the coronavirus can call 0800-1202 from Monday morning. People can use this special telephone number to make an appointment for a corona test, even those who have mild symptoms. Those who are eligible can, in principle, go the next day. The results will follow within 48 hours.

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Anyone who wants to have a snack or a drink outside the house can visit a restaurant, café or on a terrace from this Monday. Museums, cinemas and some theaters also welcome the public again. Visitors can go there from noon. There are strict rules. For example, no more than thirty visitors may be received in the coming month.

A mask in public transport: it is compulsory from Monday. Travelers on the train, bus, metro and tram must wear a mask. People also have to use one on ferries. Travelers do not have to wear their masks in stations and on the platforms. There, however, the rule applies that they must keep a distance of one and a half meters to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Truck drivers must return to normal rest periods from this Monday. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen announced in March, after consultation with her European colleagues, that these rules were temporarily relaxed in order to prevent essential goods from being brought in during the corona crisis.

A number of churches hold worship services with an audience this Monday, Whit Monday. As of 1 June, the government’s corona measures have been relaxed. Reason for the churches to open the doors again. No more than thirty people are allowed to attend a service. This had actually been the case since the start of the corona outbreak, but most places of worship chose to keep online services without an audience to avoid contamination.

Victims who have died from the coronavirus are commemorated on Monday evening in a special episode of the TV program For whom do you light a candle? KRO-NCRV calls on everyone in the Netherlands to light a candle during the broadcast, in front of the window, on the balcony or in the garden.

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