Corona opponents storm through the barriers to the Reichstag

DDemonstrators against the state’s corona policy broke through a cordon on the Reichstag building in Berlin on Saturday evening. They stormed up the stairs, reported a local dpa reporter. Police officers took time to push people back. The police used pepper spray for this, and there were scuffles. There had previously been a rally at the Reichstag building. The black-white-red imperial flags used by imperial citizens could also be seen at demonstrators.

Videos that have been published on social networks show how only a few officers are protecting the entrance to the Reichstag. Two of them try to use batons to prevent the citizens of the Reich from entering the building. Another officer, who is not wearing a helmet, loudly begs the protesters to leave the stairs. The demonstrators don’t do this. Some of them wave the Reichstag flag, others hold a Turkish flag. An alarm can be heard in the background. What happens after that is unclear. Shortly afterwards, however, the police and several forces broke up the demo. The police cleared the area in front of the Reichstag building and pushed the demonstrators away.

Calm returned

Several hundred participants in a rally stormed the stairs of the Reichstag building on Saturday evening, said a spokeswoman for the Berlin police a short time later. The spokeswoman was initially unable to provide any information about possible arrests. Meanwhile, calm has returned in front of the seat of the Bundestag, said the police spokeswoman. The stage of a rally in front of parliament is currently being dismantled, but demonstrators can no longer be seen.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) criticized right-wing extremist participants in the protests in front of the parliament. “Reich flags in front of parliament are shameful,” wrote Maas on Twitter. Everyone has the right to argue about how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and to demonstrate their opinion. However, nobody should “chase after right-wing extremists, endanger police officers and expose many to the risk of infection,” wrote the minister. The Green MP Konstantin von Notz said: “Participants in a demonstration to which the AfD and NPD also mobilized tried to storm the Reichstag. Reich war flags determine the picture in front of the building. # Sommer2020 It’s just disgusting and embarrassing. “

Previously, there had been violence in front of the Russian embassy. Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) said that officials there were pelted with stones and bottles from among a crowd of around 3,000 so-called Reich citizens and right-wing extremists. A total of around 300 people were arrested during the day, around 200 in front of the Russian embassy alone. One of them was the former vegan chef Attila Hildmann, who calls himself “ultra-right” and a conspiracy preacher. In addition, streets were temporarily blocked, barriers broken and a construction container set on fire, the police also announced. She was on duty with around 3000 officers. A helicopter provided the operations command with images from the air.

A right-wing radical in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin

Image: Reuters


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