Corona outbreak in the retirement home despite vaccination

DAfter deliveries of the vaccine from Biontech from Mainz and Moderna, the State of Hesse is now expecting the corresponding product from the British-Swedish manufacturer Astra-Zeneca. At the request of the FAZ, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior confirmed information from the Federal Ministry of Health that Astra-Zeneca delivered a total of 26,400 vaccine doses over the weekend. Next week, a further 31,000 are to be added and then even more extensive deliveries.

Thorsten Winter

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Warning message from a retirement home in Solms in the Lahn-Dill district in Central Hesse: Although residents and nurses were vaccinated at the beginning of January, Corona has now broken out among the very group that as reported by the “Gießener Allgemeine”. The first vaccination is said to have a protection rate that should not exceed 50 percent, especially for older people. From the Ministry of the Interior there is a note that only those who have received two syringes are really vaccinated.

District administrator Wolfgang Schuster assures: “Our homes are well looked after by our health department.” He therefore expects fewer new infections. But Schuster also appeals to the population to adhere to the corona rules. “Everyone has to take part”, he demands in a call on the website of the Lahn-Dill-Kreis, to which Solms belongs.

Hope for a smooth course

According to the report in the local newspaper in Gießen, 32 residents and 19 nursing staff were infected with the virus. There should be 115 places in the home west of Wetzlar. The courses seem to be rather mild so far. A spokesman for the group that runs the home told the Gießener Allgemeine that there was hope that the outbreak would be more mild than it would have been before the first vaccination. “This is our assumption because the vaccine manufacturer has given a protection rate of up to 50 percent after the first vaccination and we can assume that antibodies have already been formed, even if possibly not in sufficient numbers,” said the newspaper when asked.


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