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  • The parents currently have the final say when it comes to whether their child has to repeat a class or not.
  • The elementary schools only evaluate those achievements of the pupils that were achieved before the distance learning.
  • The Canton of Bern bought protective material directly in China. The first load of 110 tons landed in Zurich. This corresponds to around new trucks.
  • In the canton of Bern there are currently 54 people with corona disease in the hospital, 9 of them in an intensive care unit. 83 infected people have died. (As of April 26, 2020)

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Saturday, April 25, everyday life without school is difficult for many families: The school social worker at the Hessgut school in the municipality of Köniz has to do: Many families are overwhelmed with the structure of everyday life. But there is also more tension in the families, because there are no contacts with peers and often everyone is at home.

School social worker Karin Enzen is convinced that it will take time to process the Corona time.

Friday, April 24, parents temporarily gain more power in school decisions: Instead of the school management deciding whether, for example, a primary school pupil moves up to third at the end of the second class, the parents now have the last word.

As the Bern Directorate of Education announced, the school career decisions “must be made in agreement with the parents”. If the parents do not agree, they decide whether their child will go into the next school year or repeat it, Erwin Sommer, head of the Office for Kindergarten, Elementary School and Counseling, stated.

However, the transition from the 6th year of primary school to lower secondary level, which is so important for many pupils, does not change anything: the school career decisions have already been made there.

Distance learning grades do not count: The canton of Bern does not want distance learning to have disadvantages for students. For this reason, he has adjusted the assessment in the elementary schools, reports the cantonal directorate of education.

According to this, only those achievements are included in the overall assessment that were performed before March 16 – i.e. before distance learning. Even if the face-to-face classes take place again from May 11th, not everything will be counted.

In fact, only those competencies that could be practiced for a sufficient period of time are included in the assessment, provided that this improves the students.

The decision of spring applies to the transition to lower secondary level after the 6th school year.

Waste disposal centers in the city are open again: From Monday, the normal opening times will again apply to the municipal disposal centers, reports the city. However, customers should only go to the disposal centers in urgent cases. Longer waiting times can be expected.

City of Bern rents out apartments again: From Monday onwards, the city of Bern will let the city apartments and properties again. The rentals had ended due to the corona virus at the end of March.

Now this measure will be relaxed on April 27, as the city’s Directorate for Finance, Human Resources and IT announced on Friday. However, there are still certain restrictions, especially when it comes to visits. There are no open viewing appointments without registration.

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Garden centers are preparing for opening: Patrick Daepp from the Daepp Garden Center in Münsingen describes the situation shortly before the opening: “Everything was empty yesterday, but now there is a lot going on.” Employees bring the plants from their own production to the sales hall with forklifts and floor trolleys. Plexiglass panes and floor adhesive would be installed in the checkout area and a counting system would be set up at the entrance.

Thursday, April 23, Canton of Bern secures sought-after protective material: The canton of Berne has managed to procure dozens of tons of protective material for health care in China. Thanks to these deliveries, the need for protective material in hospitals, homes and Spitex organizations was covered until further notice, the cantonal management body said on Thursday.

According to the announcement, the procurement came about thanks to good personal contacts and thanks to the great commitment of the Swiss abroad and the Chinese. “The sister agreement that the canton of Bern has maintained with the city of Shenzhen since 2015 is also helpful,” writes the cantonal management body.

The first batch of 110 tons of protective material landed in Zurich. The material was flown directly to Choten from the Chinese Chengdu. Nine trucks then brought the goods to Bern.

Exemption for Thun City Council: The Thun City Council can meet on May 7, subject to conditions. The city has received an exceptional permit from the Canton of Bern. The city government’s package of measures to support the economy during the corona crisis is on the agenda. However, the city parliament of Thun must adhere to a protection concept for the meeting. Meetings are not held in the historic town hall, but in the Thun culture and congress center.

Bernmobil starts up offer again: Bern’s municipal transport company Bernmobil will gradually return to the normal timetable over the next few weeks. The holiday schedule will already apply to the Bernmobil network from next Monday. With the opening of the compulsory schools and shops, Bernmobil is reintroducing the normal timetable offer on Monday, May 11th.

Wednesday, April 22nd, Gurtenfestival stops pre-sale: The festival addresses the public on its Facebook page. It was clear to them that the audience was waiting for a refusal or a definite promise. But: According to the current state of knowledge, «despite all hope, we do not realistically assume that in mid-July we can have 80,000 people celebrate together for four days in a confined space.» From a legal point of view, however, they needed a corresponding regulation from the federal government that prohibits them from being implemented. So far, this has not existed.

However, the Gurten Festival still responds: “Due to this uncertain situation, we decided today to stop ticket pre-sale for the moment.” If the festival is canceled, everyone can return the ticket they have already bought.

The canton and municipalities support the daycare centers: The canton of Bern and the Bernese communities want to support the daycare centers with CHF 13 million. They are paying fees for childcare places that are no longer used due to the Corona crisis, the responsible government councilor Pierre Alain Schnegg announced to the media. He no longer wanted to wait for the federal government because the problem was urgent. Nevertheless, the canton hopes that the federal government will continue to support the daycare centers.

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The point is that day care centers and day family organizations must be open in principle, but parents are encouraged to take care of the children themselves if possible. These parents wonder why they should pay benefits in this case that they do not use.

No Matura exams at Bern high schools: Because of the corona pandemic, the canton of Bern is refraining from taking both written and oral Matura exams. The directorate of education confirms this to the regional journal. Open final grades are therefore determined on the basis of the previous experience grade. If there are not yet enough grades, high school students would have to do re-examinations.

The canton of Bern is thus following the recommendation of the cantonal directorate of education directors, which has decided not to take exams at high schools and technical secondary schools.

Coronavirus delays chlorothalonil filter system: The Seeländische Wassersorgung SWG wants to be the first in Switzerland to install a new filter system in Worben, which filters the fungicide chlorothalonil from the drinking water. Due to the ban on the meeting, the SWG was not yet able to inform its affiliated communities about the facility and the assembly of delegates cannot reach the CHF 2 million required in May as planned.

Because the business is complex, it needs a discussion, says the managing director of SWG Roman Wiget. The filter system is controversial. The canton of Bern explicitly advises against this. It is complex, expensive and requires a lot of energy. But Wiget sees no alternative.

Should the assembly of delegates vote in favor of this at the end of June, the plant could go into operation at the end of the year.

Bernese Cantonal Wrestling Festival postponed: The Bernese Cantonal Wrestling Festival from mid-July 2020 will be canceled. The organizers report that the festival will be postponed by one year and will take place at the beginning of August 2021. The Bernese Cantonal Wrestling Festival in Tramelan would have been scheduled this weekend. This is now also postponed by one year, like all subsequent festivals.

Tuesday, April 21, Temporary Asylum Center in Boltigen: The former barracks in Boltigen BE will be used again as a federal asylum center from the beginning of May. This creates more capacity to comply with the federal recommendations on protection against infection by the corona virus.

Because of the pandemic, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) is opening additional accommodations at various locations, thereby increasing the number of accommodation places. The SEM used the former Boltiger barracks to accommodate asylum seekers between 2016 and 2019. The troop accommodation in Boltigen is to be used as an asylum center for a maximum of one year, according to a message from the State Secretariat for Migration on Tuesday.

Use is made in agreement with the Canton of Bern. Experience has shown that the municipality of Boltigen is unlikely to enjoy the decision, but has no legal options to defend itself.

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The city council of Thun has received an exceptional permit from the canton of Bern to meet under certain conditions. The city government’s package of measures to support the economy during the corona crisis is on the agenda for May 7.
The package includes a solidarity fund of CHF 2 million. However, the city parliament of Thun must adhere to a protection concept for the meeting. Meetings are not held in the historic town hall, but in the Thun culture and congress center. The distance rules can be observed there.

Homeless flat share in Biel-Pfadiheim: Because of the corona crisis, more space is needed in the emergency sleeping areas. The city of Biel has solved the problem with a path home. The marginalized have enough space there and can also stay there all day. They enjoy this, but sometimes have trouble with the new everyday life. A report:

“Solatte” in Burgdorf canceled: On June 29, the 289th event would take place. However, the Burgdorfer town council, according to the announcement, “with great regret, but also with the necessary respect for the health of the population.” This year’s first graders will receive their Solättetaler a year later.

Every year on the last month in June, Burgdorf celebrates the Solennität children’s and flower festival. The locals affectionately say that the traditional event, which has its roots in the 16th century. Tens of thousands each line the march route during the processions.

Bern weekly markets at the earliest in May: In some cities and cantons there have been markets again since Monday. So far not in the city of Bern – although the markets are very popular. The largest Bern market takes place on Tuesday and Saturday. This will certainly not be reopened before May 11th, says the security director Reto Nause from Stadtberner told Radio SRF’s regional journal Bern Freiburg Wallis. “It could be the first thing to expand the market to different days in order to be able to comply with the distance rules,” says Nause. There are usually around 100 market stalls on the Bundesplatz and in Münstergasse.

Monday, April 20, high demand for Bern protective masks: The Oberaargau-based company Lanz-Anliker changed production to masks because of the corona virus. The company usually produces riding accessories, sweatpants or X-ray aprons. Now the business with the masks is running smoothly. The owner Peter Hirschi tells in an interview that he is currently working around 14 hours a day.

Women’s run postponed: The Swiss Women’s Run will now take place on August 23 instead of June, as planned. Around 14,000 participants from all over Switzerland are expected every year. In such circumstances, such an event could not be carried out with the corona virus, according to a message from the organizer.

Already registered runners will automatically be rewritten for the women’s run on August 23. If this event has to be canceled, all registered runners will receive a free start for the following year.

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