Corona restrictions: Seehofer for opening the hairdressing salons

Status: 05.02.2021 7:27 p.m.

The hair longer, the frustration greater: Many are driving this to hairdressers who work illegally, says Interior Minister Seehofer – and demands that hairdressing salons should reopen under strict hygiene rules.

According to Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, hairdressers should soon be able to go back to their work. “In the current situation I am clearly in favor of an extension of the corona protective measures,” said the CSU politician to “Spiegel”. “But we should take back those measures that obviously do not have any protective effect,” he added.

With the hairdressers “downright a black market” developed. More and more people would have their hair cut in other ways and then even without hygiene concepts. That is much more dangerous than allowing barber shops with a strict hygiene concept to open.

Is campaigning for the opening of the hairdressing salons: Interior Minister Seehofer.


Merkel is also looking forward to going to the hairdresser’s

Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed in an interview with RTL and ntv on Thursday: “Well, I’m also happy when hairdressers can open up again.” In terms of hairstyling, the Chancellor is even better off than the common man. When asked who was taking care of her hairstyle during these lockdown times, she had the support of an assistant, and hygiene measures were being observed.

In Austria, hairdressing salons are allowed to reopen on February 8th. Negative corona tests are mandatory.

Belgian hairdressers will be able to work again on Saturday from next week. However, there would be very strict hygiene rules, said the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. Other non-medical professions with physical contact – such as beauticians – have to wait until March 1st.

Bund-Länder deliberations on lockdown next week

How the lockdown will continue in Germany will be decided on February 10, when Merkel will again consult with the prime ministers of the federal states. The current hard lockdown is limited to February 14th.

It is unclear whether it will be extended or whether it will be relaxed for the first time. The number of corona infections is declining, but there is also great fear of the spread of highly contagious virus variants.

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