Corona: RKI reports 16947 new infections

Dhe Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports 16,947 new infections. That’s more than last Sunday when 16,017 new cases were recorded. The numbers are usually lower on Sunday, as the health authorities often do not provide all the data on the weekend.

On Saturday the value was significantly higher at 22,461, but was a good 1000 below the record on Friday.

107 new deaths

The total number of detected infections rises to 790,503. According to the data, another 107 people died from or with the virus. The number of deaths increased to 12,485. The number of people recovered was around 502,300.

According to the RKI situation report from Saturday evening, the so-called seven-day R in Germany is 1.05 (previous day: 0.99). This means that 100 infected people theoretically infect a good 100 more people. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If it is below 1 for a long time, the infection process subsides.

Keep pressure on intensive care units

Even if the number of registrations is no longer rising as quickly, there are still many infected people in Germany and the number of patients in intensive care units continues to rise exponentially. According to the RKI, 3325 Covid 19 patients were treated there on Saturday, 56 percent of whom were ventilated. According to experts, the number can more than double.

Current news about the corona pandemic in the FAZ.NET live blog

It is known that about two percent of the newly infected have to be treated in intensive care units in ten to twelve days, said Gernot Marx, intensive care doctor at the Aachen University Hospital, on Friday on the radio station WDR5. These patients would also lie in the clinics for a very long time – two to four weeks. “That means we will have to deal with it in intensive care medicine well beyond December.”

The RKI provides detailed data on his website and in the dashboard linked there to disposal.


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