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Corona summit: New Scholz hammer – SPD brings new gastro lockdown into play

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From: Thomas Schmidtutz, Christian Deutschländer, Patricia Huber

In the fight against Corona, the federal and state governments have discussed how to proceed. There are further restrictions – also for the catering trade. News ticker.

  • On November 30, the federal and state governments will have a video switch about the Corona-Lage advise in Germany.
  • the SPD urges a renewed tightening of the Infection Protection Act and brings a renewed closure of restaurants into play (update 3:46 p.m.).
  • Retailers reject 2G in retail nationwide (update 6:21 p.m.).
  • This News-Ticker is continuously updated.

Update from November 30th, 6:21 pm: The trade in Germany rejects a possible access to shops only for vaccinated and Genesis. “Introducing 2G nationwide and nationwide in retail would be completely disproportionate and would miss the point,” said Stefan Genth, General Manager of the German Retail Association (HDE), on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. Hygiene concepts, mask requirements and distance rules ensure that the retail trade is not a source of infection despite the many millions of customer contacts per day.

The federal and state governments are planning tougher measures to combat the corona pandemic. Details are to be worked out by Thursday in order to then come to joint decisions. Among other things, the federal and state governments want to decide whether to extend the 2G rule to retail. Shops for daily needs are to be excluded.

Söder in view of the Corona situation: “We will still readjust from the Bavarian side”

Update from November 30th, 5:55 p.m .: The Bavarian state government wants to tighten the corona requirements, especially for unvaccinated people. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced on Tuesday after the Consultations from the federal and state governments at. “What will be added – which would then be a plus for Bavaria – are further contact restrictions in the private sector and 2G in trade,” said the CSU boss. “That is the wish of the majority of countries.”

In addition, unvaccinated people in Bavaria should no longer be allowed to order anything in the fresh air in restaurants. “We will readjust from the Bavarian side in order to convert certain areas of outdoor catering to 2G as is the case in indoor catering,” said Söder on Tuesday afternoon. Accordingly, there should be no evasive movements and alternatives to Christmas markets, as Söder put it.

SPD proposal during the deliberations: renewed tightening of the Infection Protection Act?

Update from November 30th, 3:46 p.m .: In the deliberations of the federal and state governments on the corona situation, the SPD has apparently also brought further “temporary closings of restaurants” into play. This is reported by the German Press Agency, citing a proposal paper from the Social Democrats. Then the SPD is pushing for further tightening of the recently amended Infection Protection Act. This also applies to the question of which rules must be available to those federal states that suffer from particularly high numbers of infections.

Corona summit: soon-to-be Chancellor Scholz is in favor of significant tightening

Update from November 30, 2:24 p.m .: But suddenly there was tinder in the Merkel-Scholz group with the Prime Minister: soon-to-be Chancellor Olaf Scholz, according to information from our editorial team, is in favor of a clear tightening of the rules. He demands that only vaccinated and convalescent customers are allowed in the retail trade – nationwide, report participants of the switching conference that is currently underway. Unvaccinated people would then be excluded, as in restaurants – the pressure on them would increase further.

The designated head of government also advocates compulsory vaccination for all. He takes up an idea of ​​the FDP internally to approve the vote in the Bundestag. “As a member of parliament, I will agree to this project,” he said, according to ear witnesses. In addition, a resolution proposal by the Union-led states to go at least to the Bavarian level with the corona rules: Clubs and discos should be closed nationwide (as in the Free State), unvaccinated people should get contact limits of five people from a maximum of two households, vaccinated people and children each except. Even more far-reaching suggestions come from several countries, such as a contact rule that a maximum of two unvaccinated people may meet.

Corona summit: There are signs of further measures

Update from November 30th, 2:04 p.m .: In the ongoing telephone conference between the federal and state governments, further measures are emerging. Thereafter, the Union-led federal states, including Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia as well as Baden-Württemberg (Greens), are pushing for mandatory vaccination for all. Clubs and discos should also be closed after the plans of the B countries. At major events, the capacity should only be used to a third. Schleswig-Holstein wants to make these rules dependent on incidences.

Update from November 30th, 1:32 p.m .: In the context of the telephone conference of the federal and state governments, more and more details are seeping through. According to Business Insider (BI) are advising the Prime Ministers with the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and her designated successor Olaf Scholz (SPD), as expected, about further restrictions in the catering trade. According to BI, there is apparently also a comprehensive closure of bars and clubs in the room. In addition, the maximum number of persons will soon apply to leisure facilities.

Corona summit: is the lockdown coming now?

First report from November 30th, 9:22 am: Corona doesn’t take a break. The number of infections is still at a worryingly high level and the new Omikron variant from South Africa worries experts. Federal and State want to advise on Tuesday (November 30) about possible further steps in the fight against Corona. The deliberations are dominated by the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on exit restrictions and school closings from Tuesday. The Prime Minister’s Conference (MPK) planned for December 9th remains unaffected.

At the telephone conference scheduled for Tuesday (November 30th) between the Prime Minister and the Executive Chancellor Angela Merkel and the future chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday (November 30th) the regulations in Bavaria could serve as a model. In view of the tightened measures in the Free State, the incidences had recently decreased slightly.

Corona: These rules apply in Bavaria

The Free State has the 2G and 2G + –Regulations greatly expanded. Bars and discos have been completely closed, and Christmas markets have been canceled. In cities and counties with an incidence of over 1,000, all sports facilities, leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants are closed. A hard blow for the industry, which has already been hit particularly hard economically because of the repeated pandemic closings. (ph)

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