world Corona tests could be expanded significantly

Corona tests could be expanded significantly


DThe capacities for corona tests could be significantly expanded in Germany, according to the Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck. Many materials were missing for the classic tests – creative solutions could help, said the virology professor in Düsseldorf on Friday.

For example, they are trying out whether genetic tests could be converted into a large scale to simultaneously detect the virus. “We think we are on the right track.” Likewise, several people could be tested for certain diseases in a test tube and corona-infected individuals could be filtered out if the result was positive. “I think it is possible to increase the capacities very high,” said Streeck. Many universities were working on new test options.

The mass testing in South Korea has shown that it is possible to keep the number of new infections to a minimum. However, cell phone data was also read out there to track contact chains. This is not possible in Germany. “But it has shown that it works.”

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With a study in the Heinsberg district, Streeck wants to investigate the corona infection chains and the presumably high number of unreported cases in 1,000 people. The virus left a footprint in the blood, he explained. In addition, it should be clarified why people who had attended the same carnival event there had become infected in part and in part not. Above all, research needs to be carried out into the specific reasons why some died of the virus and others did not.

There is also still a lot of research to be done on immune protection after a corona infection, said Streeck. “There are blind spots in the knowledge.” At the moment, it cannot be reliably said whether and how long such protection works.



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