Corona: Thousands protest in the Bundestag against the Infection Protection Act

MA few thousand people demonstrated against the corona restrictions on Wednesday in Berlin’s government district on further changes to the Infection Protection Act before the Bundestag session began.

According to the police, they gathered in the morning around the locked Reichstag building and the Republic Square in front of it. The mood has been calm so far, said a police spokesman. The Berlin “Tagesspiegel” already reports for On Wednesday morning a number of 5000 people attended, he also referred to the police.

How many demonstrators will come in total is unclear. According to the police, it could be several thousand to more than ten thousand. There are provisions such as wearing mouth and nose protection and keeping your distance.

However, on-site observers repeatedly report participants who do not adhere to these guidelines. The police issued because already 30 ads due to missing masks. Shortly after 11 a.m. it said on the part of the operations management, that in the event of repeated violations, the event could also be dissolved.

2000 officers are deployed, including support from nine other federal states and from the federal police.

Berlin police expect “mammoth task”

The speaker of the Berlin Police UnionBenjamin Jendro told Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg that the recent demos in Leipzig and Frankfurt had shown how quickly such demonstrations escalate and how quickly the police can become helpless. “It will be a mammoth task today. The gathering we are talking about at the moment is a different gathering than what the Berlin police usually deal with, ”said Jendro.

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That is why it will be very important to have a talent for improvisation on site. The Berlin police are experienced enough that they will get the situation under control.

Demonstration against corona restrictions

Police officers in the government district

Source: dpa / Kay Nietfeld

Demonstration against corona restrictions

Protesters in front of the Brandenburg Gate

Source: dpa / Kay Nietfeld

The Federal Ministry of the Interior banned several registered demonstrations directly in front of the Reichstag building in the so-called pacified district. The police therefore cordoned off the area extensively. There was apparently police protection for the ZDF and ARD capital studios. Several Twitter users posted under the hashtag b1811 about the demonstration, some of them also shared or reported photos of police officers in front of the studios of special admission controls.

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There were also numerous calls circulating on the Internet not to register demonstrations in advance, but to drive spontaneously to Berlin and protest at the Bundestag. The police spoke of a “high mobilization”.

FDP boss Lindner turns to Corona critics

FDP leader Christian Lindner criticized the planned reform of the Infection Protection Act shortly before it was expected to be passed.

The draft law is “basically a blank check” for the government, since it does not specify exactly what the government can or may do in a certain situation, Lindner said on Wednesday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. Neither “legal clarity” nor “state predictability” are created.

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Lindner called for clear legal “guard rails” for government intervention in the event of a pandemic. He referred to the difficult discussions between the federal and state governments on Monday, which ended with concrete decisions on further corona measures being postponed. Such “somewhat chaotic discussions” could be avoided through clear legal requirements.

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November 10, 2020, Munich, Bavaria, Germany: Scenes of the mask requirement signs around thr Munich Innenstadt (inner city). The innenstadt is where shoppers and tourists from around Munich, Germany, and the world convene and due to this and often crowding conditions, masks and distancing requirements are in place. Despite the rules and police checks, large amounts of people do not wear masks, also simultaneously not distancing. Often seen at Stachus are up to 100% unmasked with many joking to simply walk a few meters awsy from police to avoid a stop and ticket. (Credit Image: © Sachelle Babbar/ZUMA Wire |

The FDP also wants to introduce “reporting obligations” for the government to the Bundestag, added Lindner. The government must explain its crisis strategy regularly.

The FDP boss rejected allegations that the criticism of the reform of the Infection Protection Act was grist to the mill of corona deniers. “You have to draw clear lines.”

On the one hand there is criticism of the content, on the other hand there are statements by Corona deniers, right-wing extremists and Reich citizens. Addressing all critics of the Corona measures, Lindner said: “Pay attention to which society you are in.” He described the legal reform as being “compared to the law reform with the Nazi Enabling Act – such as the alternative for Germany (AfD). absolutely excessive and absurd ”.

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However, Gregor Gysi from the Die Linke party was also critical. He wrote on Twitter: “Today I am voting against the Federal Government’s Infection Protection Act. The Bundestag may not transfer the reins of action to the Federal Government ”.

Approval for the new version of the Infection Protection Act, however, came from the Greens. “It is now really a real legal basis for the measures,” said parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt of the RTL / ntv show “Frühstart”. The Greens could have imagined more “concretization”, but now they have a “clear time limit” for the measures.

Spahn defended the draft of the Infection Protection Act

The Bundestag is due to vote on the reform at noon. In the afternoon, the Federal Council will also deal with the bill in a special meeting. It is intended to put measures to protect against the corona pandemic on a more secure legal basis. The text of the law contains a catalog of possible measures to protect against infection, including contact restrictions, business closures and the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) defended the draft on Bavarian radio. “We are moving away from the general clause towards a descriptive list, classification, proportionality issues,” he said. “And that is exactly what critics have understandably demanded in the last few weeks, that now after so many months of the pandemic, the legal basis must also be differentiated.”


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