Sport Corona virus crisis in football: Premier League professionals don't...

Corona virus crisis in football: Premier League professionals don’t want to forego salary – sport


The richest football league in the world is anything but generous in times of crisis – and is therefore increasingly criticized. Despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League professionals have declined a 30 percent salary cut.

However, the behavior of some clubs, such as that of the Champions League winner Liverpool FC, to send employees on compulsory vacation at government expense has also caused discord. In contrast to players from the top leagues in Germany, Spain and Italy, the English professionals do not want to accept a drop in salary for the time being.

Premier League fears damage of 866 million euros

The players union PFA justified the attitude with the fact that with this step the English government lost approximately 227 million euros in tax money over a period of twelve months. “That would be at the expense of our national health service NHS or other government-supported services,” said the PFA.

The Premier League clubs had agreed on Friday to ask players to cut their salary by 30 percent. If the season couldn’t be ended, the league would have to transfer 866 million euros back to the TV rights holders.

“The players are aware that the combined tax on their salaries makes a significant contribution to the financing of essential public services – which are currently particularly important,” said the PFA. Further details are necessary for such a step. The PFA also complained that the £ 20 million donation to the NHS was not enough.


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