Corona virus reduces electricity consumption in Germany | Energy industry Industry sectors

According to the energy sector, plant closings and production restrictions in industry due to the corona virus crisis will also lead to a noticeable decline in electricity consumption in Germany. The wholesale prices for electricity have already dropped significantly, said the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BdEW).

On the electricity exchange, the prices for deliveries in April fell by almost 30 percent within a week. However, most of the electricity consumed in Germany is sold through long-term contracts and thus at fixed prices.

In the past week, electricity consumption in Germany has remained largely stable. According to figures from the Federal Network Agency, net electricity consumption up to and including Thursday was as high as in the same week a year ago. But that would change if, for example, the production settings announced by the auto industry were implemented, according to a report by the BdEW. Electricity consumption is likely to decrease above all if the energy-intensive raw materials industries – such as steel, chemicals and cement – also produce less.

Opposing effects in energy consumption are likely to be very limited, according to the industry association. If there is a sharp increase in video conferencing or home office activities, this will cause additional power consumption. However, these are only small quantities, for which electricity consumption is usually eliminated elsewhere, for example in normal office operations. Consumption in data centers and internet hubs could increase.

Network operators do not expect problems from a sharp drop in electricity consumption. The adaptation to more or less short-term changes in demand is “part of our daily work,” said a spokeswoman for the German transmission system operator Tennet. “We have sufficient tools to compensate for potential fluctuations in the coming weeks at short notice.” (dpa / apa / red)

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