Corona virus soccer: Virologist doubts regular rapid tests

The corona virus is forcing the Bundesliga to take a break. A virologist now doubts whether regular rapid tests can be carried out.

  • Because of the corona virus * Bundesliga pause currently.
  • Of the Schedule for the rest of the season is already certain.
  • virologist Ulf Dittmer doubts about regular rapid tests for Bundesliga– professionals.
  • All previous developments to the corona virus in football (Bundesliga / DFL) *.

Update, Saturday (April 4), 8.30 p.m .: Essen – Die Bundesliga would like to start playing again at the beginning of May. To despite the danger from the Corona virus The pros are supposed to guarantee the health of the players tested every three days will.

The Essen-based virologist now expressed the feasibility of this procedure Ulf Dittmer serious concerns. Opposite the WAZ said the doctor: “We are pretty much at the end of our laboratory capacity in Germany. I don’t know which laboratory will then be available to test healthy Bundesliga professionals, although we urgently need these tests for seriously ill people.”

Coronavirus (football): Virologist doubts whether rapid tests can be carried out

Of the mdr had recently reported that the DFL such rapid tests for all 36 teams in the first and second Bundesliga are planned. So then only quarantined positively tested players but not the entire team.

Update, Saturday (April 4), 6.30 p.m .: In the Bundesliga there is agreement that the current season can only be completed with ghost games. However, some people have to be on site to carry out the encounters and prepare them for the media.

Coronavirus (football): In ghost games, “maximum 300 people” should be in the stadium

According to information from Sport1 commissioned the DFL the 36 professional clubs with the Elaboration of a guidelinewith which the exact number of required personnel is to be determined. In parallel would DFB and DFL create corresponding “production concepts” in coordination with the local authorities.

How Sport1 reported further, be it the goal maximum of 300 people in a ghost game to have in the stadium. These should go beyond that spread over three different stadium areas. For comparison: During the catch-up game between Borussia Mönchengladbach and 1. FC Köln, around 600 people were still in the stadium on March 11th.

Coronavirus (football): DFL denies report on fixed schedule

In order to achieve this target, all groups of people (club employees, officials, scouts, ball boys, etc.) should be reduced to an absolutely necessary minimum.

Update, Saturday (April 4), 4:05 p.m .: Command back! Shortly after the kicker on Saturday about an allegedly fixed F
timetable for the restart of the Bundesliga reported after the coronavirus interruption, the DFL published a clear denial.

“There is no final schedule for the rest of the current season. Anything else would be unrealistic given the current situation with regard to the corona virus,” said the DFL via Twitter.

Of the kicker had previously reported that the top two German game classes wanted to continue their game play on matchday 26 of the first or second weekend in May.

Coronavirus (football): DFL claims “no special role”

The DFL confirmed that “two conceivable scenarios” were presented at the general meeting last Tuesday (March 31). But these would “inevitably be subject to considerable uncertainties.”

Relevant for the Resumption of the Bundesliga is “the assessment of the situation by politicians and authorities, to which football naturally subordinates itself.” Given the current situation, the DFL for first and second Bundesliga “no special role.”

Update, Saturday (April 4th), 12:51 p.m.: The new Time schedule for the Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga stands firmly. As the kicker reports, the 26th game day should continue on the first weekend in May. Then finally that would also happen Revierderby between the BVB and the FC Schalke 04 occur.

Coronavirus (football): New schedule has few English weeks

Hardly any games are scheduled to take place during the week. This is initially reserved for the catch-up game between Bremen and Frankfurt. The 36 clubs in the first and second Bundesliga agreed on this at the last general meeting.

On the following weekends, the season should then continue with the other game days. Depending on the start date, it would only take an English week to reach the Bundesliga by June 30th to end.

Coronavirus (football): Politicians and health authorities must give the Bundesliga the green light

Further Weekly game days should be used for possible catch-up games, the DFB Cup or the European competition. The only problem: the health authorities and politics still have no green light given for ghost games.

Update, Saturday (April 4), 9:38 a.m .: Kevin Trapp (29), goalkeeper of Eintracht Frankfurt, hopes that the Bundesliga season will continue despite the coronavirus crisis. That said the goalkeeper in an interview with the FAZ (fee). For that, Kevin Trapp would even Ghost games put up with.

Coronavirus (football): Kevin Trapp (Eintracht Frankfurt) prefers ghost games to a season break

The 29-year-old cannot imagine that the games will not build up enough excitement in front of empty ranks. “We’re too professional for that,” he said Kevin Trapp. “I would rather have games without spectators than a season break if they were justifiable from a health policy perspective.”

The keeper of Eintracht Frankfurt has already experienced what it is like to play in front of an empty stage. In the round of 16 first leg of the Europe League Eintracht Frankfurt played against the FC Basel namely also in front of completely empty ranks. However, the game lost 0-3 to Eintracht.

Coronavirus (football): Kevin Trappp (Eintracht Frankfurt) would miss spectators at ghost games

Also Kevin Trapp experienced the difference to a full stadium. “It’s something completely different, especially in Frankfurt, where the spectators often push us to victory.” Nevertheless, he prefers these ghost games to a break in the Bundesliga season.

Update, Friday (April 3), 7.30 p.m .: The forced break caused by the corona virus apparently has a longer period Effects on the economic situation of some professional clubs than previously thought. As the kicker reports on Friday evening (April 3), 13 of 36 clubs from the first and second Bundesliga are threatened with bankruptcy this season.

According to this there would be one Bundesliga club and seven second division clubs already in May before insolvency. If the game would not resume by June, three more teams from the top German division and two from the lower house would be added.

Coronavirus (soccer): Clubs transfer TV revenues to banks and partners

In addition, would already have been total twelve clubs their income from the fourth installment of TV television funds ceded to banks or other partners. At its most recent meeting, the German Football League (DFL) announced that clubs would not be penalized for bankruptcy in the 2019/2020 season.

Update, Friday (April 3), 4:10 p.m .: “The principle that a game year begins on July 1 of a year and ends on June 30 of the following year has been suspended for the next 15 months.” This passage is probably the most significant in a row extensive adjustments to the DFB regulationsset by the association this Friday (April 3rd).

Reaction to corona virus in football: DFB cancels fixed dates for the beginning and end of the season

With that the reacts DFB on the Corona virus crisis in football. There will also be a change in how bankruptcy cases are handled. The responsible associations can now also adapt other regulations appropriately, for example on game entitlements, switching periods or contracts with players.

The agreed changes are valid until June 30, 2021. With the beginning of the 2021/2022 season, the previous provisions should come into force again. DFB Vice President Peter Frymuth (63) thanks for the “quick and careful implementation”.

Dr. Rainer Koch (61), 1st DFB Vice President, commented on the package of measures. “The package of measures above all gives the 21 state and five regional associations responsible for amateur gaming operations the opportunity to react as flexibly as possible to this exceptional situation and new developments.”

The complete communication from the DFB can be found here.

Update, Friday (April 3), 3:15 p.m .: Oliver Bierhoff (51) anticipates major cuts in professional football. Of the Director of the DFB national team ventured a look into the future.

Corona virus (soccer): According to Oliver Bierhoff, professionals will earn less

“The Prices will sink. A player at the end of the contract like Mario Götze for example will no longer the previous amounts received, “said Oliver Bierhoff in an interview with the Italian sports daily Gazetta dello Sport.

Not only Mario Götze (27), whose contract with BVB expires this summer, because of the Corona virus to be affected. According to Oliver Bierhoff, will change a lot in football.

Corona virus (soccer): According to Oliver Bierhoff, the system will explode

“Until now you wanted in football more and more. Everyone was thinking how to always can earn more. greed was the first principle. At the end the system explodes. “

Because of the Corona virus believes Oliver Bierhoff further that “on one restarted low levelYou will be glad that you have a job at all, that you can go to work. That will be a new happiness be.”

Coronavirus (football): TV companies, sponsors and fans affected

Thereby the Director of the DFB national team made it clear that, of course, not only the football clubs themselves will be severely affected by the corona virus. “Now there will be less money everywhere. That affects the Television corporations, the Sponsors and the Fanswho have to spend their money on others. “

Update, Friday (April 3), 8:55 a.m .: Of the European football association UEFA has its member associations of it discouraged, the respective championships cancel. This emerges from a letter, of which the news agency Associated Press (AP) reported on Thursday (April 2).

Despite Coronavirus, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin hopes that the football season in Europe will not have to be stopped.

© Fabrice Coffrini / AFP

Coronavirus (football): UEFA advises against the end of the season

It says there that confident be “that Soccer in the coming months on the terms of the authorities start again can and any decision that domestic To give up competitions, at this time premature and not justified is currently working on a solution for the European leagues despite the corona virus to find, so that no season break is initiated.

On Thursday (April 2) the Belgian league announced one game day before the end of the season and thus immediately before the start of the playoffs, the Cancel season. A final decision will be made at a general assembly on April 15th.

Coronavirus (football): UEFA plans to continue Champions League and Europa League in July

The UEFA is because of the Corona virus currently in the Bredouille. So it is not yet clear when, for example Champions League and Europe League be continued.

One consideration is that international Football competitions end in July and August. However, no longer in the usual mode with a return game, but only with a single duel.

Coronavirus (football): DFL wants to end Bundesliga season

Of the UEFA call for the national leagues heard at the German Football League (DFL) bump. Finally had last DFL managing director Christian Seifert (50) emphasizes that the Bundesliga the End football season should – provided that it is possible.

In Germany it is clear that the Game operations are suspended until April 30th. Currently, those responsible hope to be able to play again in early or mid-May. There are still nine game days left in the Bundesliga.

Coronavirus (football): Spain wants to restart league operations with special measures

Eleven match days are still outstanding in Spain, which is particularly strong from Corona virus is affected. On the Iberian Peninsula there is because of the Sars-CoV-2 virus already more than 10,000 dead and more than 110,000 infected (as of Thursday, April 2).

The Spanish radio station Cope now reports on a protocol of how “La Liga” would like to resume playing. It is still unclear when this will happen and it is recommended that you have to train for at least 15 days before you can play again.

Coronavirus (soccer): Spain wants to test families and divides each training area

But after individual training in smaller groups, which are then expanded more and more and should initially wear gloves and a face mask, as well as two further test series for the corona virus, football can be thought of again. Other measures include, among other things, testing the families of the players and dividing the training area – into fit and battered players as well as personnel for security guards, the kitchen or, for example, the fitness rooms.

Update, Thursday (April 2), 9:15 p.m.: The current plan of the DFL stipulates in May the game operation in the Bundesliga to continue. In spite of the corona virus, drastic measures should make the process as smooth as possible.

The DFL around managing director Christian Seifert is planning drastic measures to continue the Bundesliga.

© Arne Dedert / dpa

Coronavirus (football): DFL plans regular rapid tests in the Bundesliga

Again mdr reported today, plans the DFL, the teams of the Bundesliga every three days with a quick test on the Corona virus to test. The tests should be carried out by medically trained personnel. The measure is part of one medical task force, which is used to ensure that the rest of the season runs smoothly.

Should a player respond positively to that Corona virus The whole team no longer has to be tested as before quarantine, only the affected player.

Coronavirus (football): Clubs have to compete with 13 healthy players

Another measure taken relates to the squad sizes and possible cases of illness within a team. So it should DFL have decided that a team must compete as soon as it is over 13 healthy field players disposes. Otherwise the game is considered lost.

Video: The most important decisions regarding the future of the Bundesliga

Update, Thursday (April 2), 2:50 p.m .: The Jupiler Pro League has canceled the season. That left the Belgian league in one Statement communicate.

Coronavirus (football): Belgium breaks off – FC Bruges champions

“There is a risk that possible infections of a player or the player core athletic course of the rest of the competition in unacceptably affect“quotes the Sport Information Service (SID) Belgian association. So that is Belgium the first country that because of the Corona virus the Soccer season prematurely completed.

So that’s the FC Bruggewho was 15 points ahead of the season break premature master. Not clear but is still like that Ascent and descent should be regulated.

Coronavirus (football): Belgium makes final decision on April 15th

“The board has set up a working group that will examine the sporting knots and the financial impact of this decision,” the Jupiler Pro League said. A final decision supposed to be on one General assembly be taken on April 15th takes place.

Update, Thursday (April 2), 10.30 a.m .: Munich – Football fans have to Corona virus not entirely without the beloved game with the round ball. Live games are currently not possible.

Coronavirus (football): Sky shows Bundesliga conference on Saturday

Still has Sky come up with something none too big Bundesliga boredom to come up. The Pay TV broadcaster leaves that Saturday conference revive again and will begin next Saturday (April 4), as he announced on Wednesday (April 2).

Pay-TV broadcaster Sky is now showing a special Bundesliga conference on Saturday due to the corona virus crisis.

© Robert Michael / dpa

From 3:30 p.m., games of the teams will be shown that would actually have met on this Saturday – only with the most spectacular duels of the past 20 years. There is another peculiarity.

Coronavirus (football): Sky conference of the Bundesliga with expert Didi Hamann from 3 p.m.

Because Sky is because of Corona virus crisis the Relive the conference live to let. This means: From 15 clock greeted Moderator Michael Leopold the Experts Didi Hamann on Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 HDto get the audience in tune from Munich.

Afterwards, Kai Dittmann, Hansi Küpper, Roland Evers, Toni Tomic and Jonas Friedrich became the Comment live on five soccer games from the conference studio in Munich. For starters, these are:

  • RB Leipzig – Hertha BSC
  • Bayer Leverkusen – VfL Wolfsburg
  • TSG Hoffenheim – 1. FC Cologne
  • Union Berlin – Mainz 05
  • FC Augsburg – SC Paderborn

Coronavirus (football): Sky shows Bundesliga hits from Schalke and BVB

in the connection follows one of the top games between BVB and FC Bayern Munich from the past years. The pay TV station Sky announced the program as long as pull through until the Coronavirus crisis over and Bundesliga football can be continued again.

According to information from, this means, among other things, that soon spectacular 4: 4 between BVB and FC Schalke 04 (November 2017), the 7: 4 of the S04 against Bayer Leverkusen (February 2006) or the 3: 3 between FC Bayern Munich and Fortuna Düsseldorf (2019) is shown.

Update, Wednesday (April 1), 3:26 p.m .: While the Bundesliga meanwhile believes an end because of that Corona virus crisis it is not yet clear what will happen in the other European leagues. Let alone the international competitions.

Coronavirus (football): Champions League and Europa League only in July and August again

Because of the Corona virus are finally in Soccer currently also the Champions League and Europe League exposed. A report from ZDF according to the UEFA but now first considerationswhen the tournaments continued playing can be.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has to postpone the Champions League and Europa League dates because of the corona virus.

© Gregorio Borgia / dpa

Accordingly, both competitions are supposed to only continued in July will and would until August last for. After all, that would come German clubs at least in the short term, the still represented internationally and hope to be able to end the season in the Bundesliga by June 30th.

Coronavirus (football): UEFA plans could mess up new Bundesliga season

With one official confirmation of the football plan can still today (April 1). On Wednesday afternoon there will be one UEFA video conference about the corona virus and its consequences.

If she Bundesliga clubs yourself in the medium term on the UEFA plan is happy, however questionable. Because if the Champions League and Europa League were only to be ended in August, a corresponding one would emerge Start of the 2020/2021 season backwards move.

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga start of the new season is postponed

It was European Football Championship 2020 because of the Corona virus by a year already postponedso the clubs have more time. However, five clubs from the Bundesliga are still represented internationally.

In the Champions League stands the FC Bayern Munich after a 3-0 win in the first leg at Chelsea with one leg in the quarter-finals, in which RB Leipzig already waiting after two wins against Tottenham Hotspur. In the Europe League there are even three clubs represented.

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga still represented in the Champions League and Europa League

While Bayer Leverkusen has a good chance of reaching the quarter-finals VfL Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt before the end. VfL Wolfsburg lost the first leg at home to Shakhtar Donetsk 1: 2, while Eintracht Frankfurt even suffered a 0: 3 defeat at home.

Update, Wednesday (April 1), 11.50 a.m .: Due to the corona virus crisis, FC Schalke 04 has registered for short-time work * in the office. The good news: First of all, the employees have no fears to fear. This is also related to a big gesture by the professional of the S04.

Coronavirus (football): Ex-BVB star Neven Subotic calls for more solidarity

Update, Wednesday (April 1), 11:41 a.m .: Former BVB star and current Bunes League player Neven Subotic (31, Union Berlin) is worried about footballers from the lower leagues * in the coronavirus crisis. The 31-year-old also demands more solidarity from the clubs.

DFL managing director Christian Seifert currently has a lot to think about because of the corona virus, how things are going in the Bundesliga.

© Arne Dedert / dpa

Update, Wednesday (April 1), 9:55 a.m .: For the Professional soccer player at least in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) there is light at the end of the tunnel despite the corona virus, which Jeremy Toljan is likely to return to BVB unexpectedly in the summer. Because they can Resume training immediately – in contrast to amateur athletes who are still not allowed on sports fields.

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga teams from NRW are allowed to train again in small groups

So that Football professionals from the Bundesliga was able to train again a trick in NRW applied. The clubs’ sports fields became Company premises explained.

That means conversely notthat Team training can take place again. The German Football League (DFL) already had one for Tuesday (March 31) equal opportunity pleads and because of Corona virus recommended that no team training until at least April 5 to be held.

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga players are allowed to train in groups of two at a distance

“The Ministry of Health has made it clear in a letter that professional athletes have a job and that they may not be restricted in their professional practice,” said Dortmund’s Ordering Officer Norbert Dahmen (CDU). The CDU politician had campaigned for the state government to relax the regulations for professionals.

The Bundesliga professionals must now continue to ensure in their football job that distances to adhere to. Because of the Corona virus may still only in groups of two be trained.

Update, Tuesday (March 31), 7:29 p.m .: Frankfurt – After the decision of DFL, that the Bundesliga In May, despite the corona virus to continue, some club officials commented on the decision. Also Hans-Joachim Watzke from BVB and Alexander Jobst from district rival Schalke.

Hans-Joachim Watzke (l.) From BVB and Alexander Jobst from Schalke 04 agree on the DFL’s decision for the Bundesliga.

© Henning Kaiser / Ina Fassbender / dpa; Collage: RUHR24

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga according to DFL from May – Alexander Jobst and Hans-Joachim Watzke agree

One showed unusually unanimous in the Ruhrpott rival Schalke and BVB. After the press conference of the DFL about the continuation of the Bundesliga season showed up both Hans-Joachim Watzke as well as Alexander Jobst facilitated. Because the Bundesliga stands together.

“Very closed,” he said BVBboss the Assembly towards the WAZ (paid item). His colleague from the Royal blue agreed with him and explained that the press conference had shown “how important it is for all 36 clubs to act in the same way.”

Coronavirus (football): Hans-Joachim, Alexander Jobst and DFL all agree

This sign is important unit, explained Alexander Jobst towards the WAZ, spoke of trust in the DFL. “In this situation, going it alone is no use.” It looked like that too Hans-Joachim Watzke, but his anticipation of the coming continuation of the Bundesliga not hide.

Of the BVB boss be sure that “when the time comes – a lot of people will return about the Bundesliga will be happy. “The 60-year-old was recently due to careless statements to Bundesliga– Situation criticized, but rowed back again.

Virologist: No more professional football this year

Coronavirus (football): According to the DFL, Bundesliga should start again in May

Update, Tuesday (March 31), 2:47 p.m .: The 2019/2020 Bundesliga season is apparently not being canceled. The clubs agreed on this in a video conference this Tuesday (March 31).

Of the Managing Director of the German Football League (DFL), Christian Seifert (50), announced in one Video press conference in Frankfurt appropriate plans. Accordingly, in the Bundesliga from May again Soccer be played – despite the Corona virus.

In addition, the plan is for the season to end by June 30. Especially against the background that a new season would start again sometime.

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga ghost games and few staff according to the DFL from May

All in all DFL with the Bundesliga representatives four measures hit because of the corona virus. First, not surprisingly, Game operations will be suspended until April 30th. In addition, may no team training until at least April 5 occur.

In addition, should be in the coming weeks Concepts how the games can take place with as few staff as possible. So as a so-called “Ghost games“without spectators and beyond with as few other people on site as possible.

Coronavirus (football): only three points deduction for license problems for Bundesliga clubs

Also let DFL managing director Christian Seifert in Frankfurt announced that the Bundesliga clubs regardless of the football games at Licensing process to be accommodated. Accordingly threaten in the event of a possible bankruptcy registration because of the corona virus and its consequences not a nine point deduction for the coming season, but only three.

The DFL around managing director Christian Seifert is planning drastic measures to continue the Bundesliga.

© Arne Dedert / dpa

The Licensing process should only come back from the 2020/2021 season be carried out again as is known. Among other things, this means that the Liquidity of the Bundesliga clubs not initially checked becomes. The next deadline for this is brought forward to September 30th.

First registration, Tuesday (March 31), 11:24 a.m .: The corona virus * has one worldwide pandemic triggered. A normal life is currently out of the question, as * reports.

Coronavirus (soccer Bundesliga): DFL meeting today in Frankfurt

So that’s the Soccer affected by the corona virus (live ticker to NRW) *. The Bundesliga paused currently like all other leagues in Europe.

Today (March 31) the German Football League (DFL) by video-switching out of Frankfurt with the representatives of the clubs and about the others continuation speak. It is already clear that the proposal is about Extension of the break until the end of April is just a formality.

Coronavirus (football): DFL proposes Bundesliga break for training

However, it is unclear, for example, how it is with the Training in the Bundesliga goes on. So far, the German football upper house seems to be here shared opinion to be.

The DFL Presidium, which at least consists of six club representatives, has according to (Payment barrier) suggested that no club is currently due to the Corona virus may train. This is how equal opportunities are to be created.

Coronavirus (football): DFL has to talk to the Bundesliga about the end of the season

But not just about it DFL boss Christian Seifert (50) had a discussion today from Frankfurt. Apparently they have to Football clubs also be sensitized to the situation that a Abort of the 2019/2020 Bundesliga season is in the realm of the possible.

DFL boss Christian Seifert worries about the continuation of the Bundesliga season because of the corona virus.

© Boris Roessler / dpa

According to information from (Payment barrier) checks the DFL for a scenario and has “commissioned lawyers and business economists to find solutions to the risk of successful claims for damages by clubs against a “wrong” completion table to minimize “. Because: If even”Ghost games” because of the Corona virus are prohibited, the German Football League no longer has any use.

Coronavirus (Bundesliga): Voluntary demolition is out of the question for the DFL

A voluntary termination of the Bundesliga season 2019/2020 would still come out of the question. No wonder, after all threaten the soccer clubs then lost over 750 million euros in revenue to go. In many clubs from the 1st and 2nd league that would come extreme threat to existence equal.

But what happens when Season actually canceled due to the corona virus becomes? reports what the most likely variant would be that it was in the 1st and 2nd leagues no relegation would be. For that, both would play with 20 teams.

Coronavirus (football): Bundesliga table must be recognized as valid

Difficult it becomes what is in the Bundesliga happened with the teams that are moving into the Champions League and Europe League fight. Not only the participation itself would be rewarded with different amounts of money depending on the competition.

Also for them TV money table each place up is worth millions of euros. The 36 football clubs from 1st and 2nd league would have to vote best that the current one Table valid despite being aborted due to the corona virus would be – it would be the “simplest” solution under the circumstances.

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