Corona virus was already in the “Asterix” band from 2017!

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At the Teutates! Not only the Simpsons predict future events. A masked villain named Coronavirus appears in the French and English version of “Asterix in Italy”.

Corona virus was already in the “Asterix” band from 2017! – The most important thing at the beginning:

A masked bastard named “Coronavirus” appears in the volume “Asterix in Italy”. Asterix authors and illustrators are now gaining similar prophetic status on social media as the creators of The Simpsons.

After the Simpsons now also prophecies at Asterix?

The Asterix volume “Asterix in Italy” appeared in 2017. A villain named “Coronavirus” appears in this volume.
Author Jean-Yves Ferri and draftsman Didier Conrad are currently gaining a prophetic status similar to the Simpsons on social media. In 2000 the animated series “The Simpsons” already addressed a presidency of Donald Trump.

Current hot topic:

Corona virus, the unscrupulous charioteer

Twitter users post pictures from “Asterix in Italy” – excerpts from the comic, which shows how viewers of a chariot race cheer “Coronavirus!” And cheer on the masked charioteer.

“Are Asterix and Obelix the new Simpsons?” Asks Twitter user Petr Araon Pechar.

Translation challenge

The name “Coronavirus” is only used in the English and French versions. In German, the villain was named “Caligarius” by translator Klaus Jöken.
The latter had given some thought to finding another name together with the German publisher.

Coronavirus is a disease. We Germans see illness as something very unappetizing, disgusting. For the French, a virus is more synonymous with something dangerous and common. ”

It was quite difficult to find a name: “As a Roman name it had to end in -us, at the same time it had to start with C because its car is always marked with the logo. So Coronavirus in German became Caligarius. “

Caligarius sounds like a Latin name. However, he also recalls the film classic “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari”, in which a villain played the main role.

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