Corona voucher for cancellation or rebooking

The ANVR is pleased that SGR has offered travel companies a creative option when rebooking or canceling the trip, whereby the Corona voucher to be issued is covered by this guarantee fund. This means that travelers will continue to have the certainty that their already paid travel sum has been secured, the ANVR says on its website.

“A serious crisis has now arisen around the so-called corona virus, as a result of which the travel industry is confronted with a large number of cancellations and the obligation for travelers to repay the prepaid fares. This can lead to cash flow problems in the travel industry. Therefore, travelers are asked by travel companies to rebook the trip or to accept a voucher for a later journey (we call this “Corona voucher” for convenience) ”, said the SGR. SGR’s guarantee scheme excludes reimbursement for vouchers and travelers’ checks that have not led to a booking with a participant-travel company. In this crisis situation, there is reason to stipulate that a Corona voucher may be eligible for reimbursement temporarily and under additional conditions to be notified, in order to strengthen consumer confidence in this form of compensation for the cancellation of a trip.

The board of SGR therefore decides as follows:

1. From 16 March 2020, SGR shall consider vouchers issued by organizers participating in SGR to be covered by SGR within the meaning of Article 3 of the GSC Guarantee Scheme, subject to paragraphs 2 to 7 of this Decision.

2. This cover only applies if the voucher meets the model voucher prescribed by SGR and only for vouchers issued in the event of cancellation of journeys in connection with the inability to perform the journey in the context of the occurrence of the unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances as a result of the corona virus and provided that the value of the voucher is clearly entered and the voucher contains the name ‘Corona voucher’.

3. The value of the voucher cannot exceed the deposit paid on the trip canceled due to the corona virus and which trip was originally covered by SGR’s warranty.

4. The voucher must contain an explicit period of validity of a maximum of one (1) year after the date of issue.

5. The voucher must state that the guarantee scheme of SGR applies.

6. This decision must be communicated on the SGR website with a clear statement of the specific nature, temporality and enforcement of Article 3, paragraph 10 under g of the guarantee scheme for other coupons and travelers checks.

7. This decision is temporary and will lapse on 1 June 2020 with regard to the issuance of Corona vouchers with a guarantee from SGR, without prejudice to the possibility for the board to extend this period after approval by the Supervisory Board.

Practical information

  • Only SGR participants may issue Corona vouchers with SGR guarantee. Therefore, if the participation in SGR has ended / ended after a travel agreement with a SGR guarantee with a consumer has been concluded and the travel agreement has now been terminated due to cancellation, an ex-participant can no longer issue Corona vouchers with guarantee.
  • It should be made clear that consumers (travelers) are covered in the event of an organiser’s financial incapacity if the consumer concerned exchanges a Corona voucher.
  • Claims arising from a canceled trip other than a voucher are not covered by SGR’s guarantee scheme. After all, the guarantee scheme has lapsed because the original travel agreement has been canceled due to cancellation.
  • If a consumer (traveler) claims the guarantee of a Corona voucher in the event of financial incapacity of the organizer affiliated with SGR, the original (canceled) travel agreement and proof of payment must also be submitted, in accordance with the guarantee scheme of SGR.
  • Participants are free to issue a Corona voucher in their own “look and feel”. However, a voucher must at least contain the following information:
    – the value;
    – an issue date;
    – an end date that is no more than 1 year after the date of issue;
    – the word: “Corona voucher”;
    – that the guarantee scheme of SGR applies in accordance with the board decision of 16 March 2020 (the logo of SGR alone is not sufficient).

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