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19.39 PM

R-value in Berlin jumps on Red

The number of confirmed Corona cases in Berlin has risen by 73 7474. At the same time, one of the three indicators of the Berlin Corona jumped a traffic light from Yellow to Red, as the Senate health administration announced on Wednesday. The R-value, which describes the dynamics of the infection event, and was therefore 1.23.

This was lower than the value of 1.49 on Tuesday – the traffic light changes to Red, if the reproduction number is the third Time in a row at 1.2 or higher. The 7-day R-value is reported to be 1.06, the previous day it was still at 1.24.

The number of new infections per week was unchanged at a 8,78 more in the green area, as well as the proportion of seats that are needed in intensive care units for Covid-19 patients (3.6 percent).

According to the three-part Berlin, Corona light must be the measures prepared and discussed, if two of the three indicators are yellow. Two out of three indicators, Red, measures aimed at curbing the infections are to be implemented.

6778 people in Berlin are already in force as of Covid-19 recover. Compared to the previous day, a new death has been recorded, 210 Ill died accordingly. 151 Infected to be treated in hospital in Berlin, ten more than the previous day. 46 of them are under intensive medical care.


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