world Coronavirus: 364 isolated students in France

Coronavirus: 364 isolated students in France


The affected students have traveled to countries affected by the coronavirus.

QSome 364 French students from different Sciences Po campuses, out of a total of 14,000, must stay at home since Monday and for 14 days, after having traveled to countries affected by the new coronavirus, according to the institution.

As in all schools in France, students from the different Sciences Po campuses received an email on Monday evening asking government recommendations asking all those returning from a country affected by the coronavirus to stay at home for 14 days from the return .

In detail, Sciences Po, which totals 14,000 students on all of these sites, identifies 138 students from the Reims (Marne) campus isolated at home, 48 in Paris, 143 in Menton (Alpes-Maritimes), 16 in Dijon ( Côte d’Or), 8 in Poitiers (Vienne), 4 in Havre (Seine-Maritime) and 7 in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

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All are back from China, Singapore, South Korea, and from Lombardy and Veneto in Italy. These students “take distance courses for 14 days,” it was said.

In addition, a member of the management of the Sciences Po campus in Paris has also been in his fortnight at home since Monday, after having traveled to Veneto. “He did not set foot on campus at all,” said one.

The Education Ministry does not have an overall figure on the number of students and teachers who were asked by the authorities on Monday to stay home for 14 days because they were returning from one of the affected areas. virus.



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