News Coronavirus: 630 deaths in one day, New York calls...

Coronavirus: 630 deaths in one day, New York calls for help


New York State, the epicenter of the new coronavirus in the United States, announced Saturday 630 new deaths in one day, its worst record in 24 hours, and launched an emergency call while waiting for the “peak” of the epidemic.

The state, which has the largest city in the country, now deplores 3,565 deaths.

New York State has recorded more than 113,000 cases – including 63,000 for its mainland – almost as many as in Italy or Spain, where the death tolls are the heaviest.

“We have not yet reached the peak” of the epidemic “but we are approaching it,” said Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference, noting that the progression of the disease was particularly rapid. on Long Island and in neighboring New Jersey.

“On the one hand I would like us to reach the peak,” he added. “But on the other hand I tell myself that it is good that we have not reached the peak because we are not ready”.

Donation from the Chinese State

To avoid congestion in hospitals, local authorities are engaged in a race against the clock to strengthen their capacity to cope with the expected influx of patients.

“When we first started, our first concern was to have enough beds, now we are focusing on equipment and personnel,” said Andrew Cuomo, emphasizing the need for respirators for the most severe cases.

“The Chinese state will donate 1,000 respirators to arrive at JFK airport today,” he said, thanking Jack Ma, founder of Chinese online retail giant Alibaba.

The state of Oregon on the west coast must also deliver 140 respirators, said Cuomo.

In addition, he said, the field hospital opened in a Manhattan conference center will ultimately be well devoted to the patients of Covid-19, and will be able to accommodate 2,500. The federal state will provide its personnel.

Call to all caregivers

For his part, New York mayor Bill de Blasio called on health professionals to mobilize.

“Doctors, nurses, respiratory specialists … to all those who are not already in the battle: we need you,” said the Democrat in a video.

“We need 45,000 health professionals to join the fight in April and May to be able to get by,” added Bill de Blasio.

At the state level, 85,000 people have already volunteered, including 22,000 from outside, according to Mr. Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo said he would sign a decree authorizing medical students who must graduate in the spring to work now.

“This is an exceptional time and New York needs help,” he said.

Coronavirus: “In New York, medical universities are offering diplomas from mid-April”

“Given that we have skills that seem necessary and valuable at the moment, it was an easy decision to make,” said Gabrielle Mayer, a fourth-year medical student at New University, in a press conference. York, who will start his hospital internship in advance.

In a positive note, Cuomo noted that despite the rising death toll, two-thirds of New Yorkers hospitalized manage to recover and leave hospitals.

“We will eventually get out, we will reach the other side of the mountain. But we have to do what needs to be done in the meantime, ”he added.

Coronavirus: USNS Comfort hospital ship arrives in New York


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