Economy Coronavirus: 712 new deaths in Italy

Coronavirus: 712 new deaths in Italy


At least 712 transalpine nationals have died from coronavirus in the past twenty-four hours, according to the latest assessment of health authorities released on Thursday. A very slight increase.

In total, the Italian peninsula deplores 8,215 dead. And remains by far the country in the world most affected by this pandemic. Unlike in France, the official figures include deaths in hospitals but also those in part of retirement homes.

But has the epidemic peak been reached, when the number of deaths per day has stagnated for several days? The authorities call for caution on this type of projection.

Especially since the number of contaminations went up again on Thursday. The country now has 62,013 contaminations, an increase of 4,492 in 24 hours, said the Italian Civil Protection. The daily change recorded Wednesday was 3,491, that of Tuesday 3,612 and that of Monday 3,780.

The number of deaths underestimated?

Northern Italy fears that official figures underestimate the real balance sheet. Significant differences were reported between the official reports and the death notices recorded in certain villages.

As of Wednesday, the mayor of Brescia had estimated that the number of contaminations and deaths was higher than what was officially announced. “In the region, the contaminations are much more numerous than what one says. The death toll is also higher because there are many sick people at home and we do not know how they are, “said Emilio Del Bono.

Roberto Burioni, a well-known virologist in Italy, also estimated that the number of infected people “is really not reliable” because it does not take into account asymptomatic cases.

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World News :

The South Expects “Hell”

A warning that the governor of the Naples region, Campania, takes over. The Covid-19 crisis “will explode dramatically” in its region which “will live in the next 10 days a real hell” because the government has not sent any medical and health protection equipment, assured Vincenzo De Luca.

In the south, the hospital system is much more fragile than in the Milan region, Lombardy, more affected by the pandemic.


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