Coronavirus: a DJ entertains his neighbors in the afternoons with a session from the balcony of his house in Valencia

A Valencian DJ, who entertains his neighbors with music every afternoon after the applause called as a citizen initiative to show appreciation to the groups that fight against the coronavirus, has proposed this Thursday, San José, the big day of Fallas, to have a snack that It has ended with a mascletà and the Valencia anthem broadcast from their speakers installed on the terrace.

Xino DJ, from his penthouse on the central Grabado Esteve street in Valencia, puts on music to raise his spirits to his neighbors and this Thursday he has decided to join the #FestivalDelsBalcons initiative in which Valencian musicians have played at 12 noon from their homes “Paquito el Chocolatero” and “Amparito Roca” but he has added to the program a “meeting” to “take the vermouth to the balcony”.

Thus, the neighbors have come out to their balconies, terraces and windows to have an aperitif while they have enlivened 15 minutes with “danceable and positive” music until 2:00 pm, some of them in their fallas, blouse or handkerchief as the call prompted.

Jose Gómez Barona, a professional DJ, decided, from the first day of confinement, to try to raise his spirits to his neighbors like this in the first call that there was to go out to applaud especially the health workers for their work in the fight against the coronavirus, he decided to add cheery music to applause to lift your spirits.

After that first appointment that was held at 10 pm on Saturday, he has not stopped going every afternoon, at 8 pm, with his music since his neighbors have applauded the initiative that is increasingly adding more people to the point that Together with two other people, he has created a group to connect the neighbors.

After reporting the creation of the collaborative whats app group through the stores opened by the neighborhood, about 166 people have joined in a couple of days, not only from their street, but also from other neighboring ones, and in the se Both neighbors and establishments offer and exchange services.

THE DJ, who feels privileged to be well, have a dog and a terrace, will continue to put on music every afternoon but always positive, to lift his spirits. After the first intervention with the hymn of joy, which received a lot of applause and the thanks of a cousin of hers who proposed to create the group, she has followed a repertoire of happy music with ‘I will survive’ and ‘I will resist’ which will continue adding other preferably Spanish.

Gómez, in addition to mixing music in venues such as Radio City in Valencia, has, along with a partner, Newentun (Resistance & Solidarity), a record label and music producer born in 2017 to support the Valencian Reggae scene in vinyl format. With this initiative they seek to give visibility to the good health enjoyed by this music and the atmosphere that is breathed in the community, creating events such as Cabanyal Reggae through which the best bands, artists, dj’s, select from the terreta and the panorama pass by. national, as detailed on its website. .

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