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Coronavirus: a little hope in Europe, towards a “horrible” week in the United States


Europe, continent most grieving by the coronavirus pandemic, hopes Monday to continue the decline in the number of deaths recorded daily, but the United States expects an extremely difficult week, compared by its leaders to the attacks of 11 -September.

The pandemic has killed at least 68,125 people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to an assessment established by AFP on Sunday evening, for nearly 1,245,000 cases identified.

Among these, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, hospitalized Sunday ten days after being tested positive. “Precautionary measure”, assured his services: he “remains in command” of the country even if he “continues to present persistent symptoms of the coronavirus”.

“Today he is in the hospital for tests, but he will continue to be kept informed and in control of the government,” Robert Jenrick, minister responsible for the environment, told the BBC. Housing and Communities.

Encouraging signs appear, timidly, in Europe, where more than 70% of deaths caused by the disease have been counted, according to official sources.

In Italy, “the curve has started to descend,” said the boss of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, on Sunday.

The country, which has nearly 16,000 dead, nevertheless knows that it has “a few more difficult months” ahead of it, insisted the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “We must not lower our guard,” confirmed Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Solidarity is organized as best it can, with food passed from balcony to balcony in the poor neighborhoods of Naples.

In Spain, “the pressure is decreasing” thanks to “a certain decrease” in hospitalizations and admissions in intensive care, welcomed Maria José Sierra, of the Center of health alerts. But the country, after more than 12,000 dead, is studying “very seriously” the idea of ​​imposing the mask to leave the house.

“Like Pearl Harbor”

A similar trend was recorded Sunday in France, where 357 deaths were recorded in the hospital during the last 24 hours, the lowest figure for a week.

In Britain, the time was solemn enough for a rare address by Queen Elisabeth II.

“We will win? And this victory will be that of each of us,” said the 93-year-old sovereign in the evening. “And those who will succeed us will say that the British of this generation were as strong as the others”.

In the United States, where the death toll is approaching 10,000 (9,633 Sunday), the spread worries.

“In the days to come, America will endure the peak of this terrible pandemic. Our fighters in this battle for life and death are the incredible doctors, nurses and health workers on the front line,” said Sunday evening President Donald Trump.

“We all know that we have to reach a certain threshold, which is going to be horrible in terms of deaths, for things to start to change. We are getting very close to that point now. And the next two weeks are going to be, I think , very difficult, “he said.

The director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, spoke of a mortality “in the process of stabilizing”. But “it’s going to be a bad week” and “we’re having trouble controlling” the pandemic, he admitted.

Federal administrator of public health services Jerome Adams has prepared public opinion for the worst. “Next week will be a time like Pearl Harbor, like September 11, except that it will not be localized, it will be nationwide.”

Lead by example

In the epicenter, the megalopolis of New York, the health system is “under stress” lack of equipment and professionals “in sufficient number, according to the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo.

A drop in the death toll on Sunday made him hope to be “very close to the peak”, even if he “is still too early” to know.

The fall in mortality linked to Covid-19 in Europe reassured investors on Monday: in the wake of Tokyo (+ 4.24% at the close), Paris and Frankfurt opened with a respective increase of 3.46% and 3 , 81%, while London increased by 2.43% around 07:50 GMT.

Leaders around the world are trying to convince their fellow citizens to do everything to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and to set an example.

It was in an almost empty Saint Peter’s Basilica that Pope Francis celebrated Palm Sunday Sunday. He will do the same for the Easter one the following Sunday.

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf called on his subjects not to organize family reunions at Easter, stressing that “this is not going to be possible” in the midst of a pandemic. He himself will abstain, even if the country is one of the few in Europe not to confine its population.

And the Japanese government was preparing to declare a state of emergency on Monday to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which has accelerated recently in parts of the country, including Tokyo.

But the Japanese authorities do not have the power to force people to confine themselves and businesses to close, or to punish them if they do not follow the instructions.

Finally, UN Secretary Antonio Guterres had a thought for women and girls. With confinement, “the world has experienced a horrible outbreak of domestic violence (…) Today I appeal again for peace at home, in homes, around the world”.

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04/04/2020 10:32:29 – London (AFP) – © 2020 AFP


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