Coronavirus: a young man arrested in Brussels for selling false medical certificates linked to Covid-19

Brussels-Ixelles police arrested an 18-year-old man on social networks for selling false medical certificates for Covid-19, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office said on Friday. The suspect was made available to the prosecution.

The young man was arrested as he sought to sell a counterfeit Covid-19 test certificate. To do this, he amended the certificate of a laboratory and used the name of a Brussels general practitioner. It was the latter who denounced the facts when he learned of the identity theft of which he was a victim. The suspect had posted an ad on the Snapchat social network offering medical certificates whose prices varied from 10 to 20 euros depending on the length of the work interruption or the compulsory schooling, positive or negative Covid test certificates at 40 euros and payslips at 50 euros each and at 120 euros for a group purchase of three slips. At the time of his arrest, the young person was in possession of two mobile phones and six SIM cards as well as the sum of 280 euros. He admitted during his hearing to engage in this activity for two weeks. The suspect is known to the police for possession of narcotics, assault and battery, threats, theft, possession of arms and ammunition as well as for extortion.

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