Coronavirus: Actor Alan Estrada ‘balconies’ his father for Christmas dinner with 80 guests


The famous actor who has stood out in various plays, Alan Estrada ‘balconied’ his father on social networks for planning the Christmas dinner with 80 guests in the midst of the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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The prominent actor in musical theater plays published comments on his Twitter profile, pointing out that his father is one of the main critics of the government and that he has complained about the way in which the health authorities have been carrying out the measures of protection for citizens, despite that plan your event.

Alan said:

“I don’t usually share personal things, but it’s frustrating. My father is one of those who complains about the government, but he is finalizing the details of the Christmas dinner to which some 80 relatives will go and they are worth a damn! They will make it clandestine because they are prohibited, but they feel invincible ”.

The actor added that he tried to talk to his father, but he pointed out that they were commitments and that they were all healthy, although Alan threatened not to go to Christmas dinner his father cared little.

“I have tried to talk to him, but he doesn’t understand. He says that they are commitments and that they are all healthy. He is 71 years old. I already told him I’m not going to dinner and he doesn’t care. He says that if you are not afraid of COVID, it does not give you. What fucking impotence. What a fucking sadness ”, he published on his social network.

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