Coronavirus advances as Brazil protests Bolsonaro

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Not even the fearful advance of the coronavirus stopped the protesters this weekend, especially those against the Government of Jair Bolsonaro, who have been increasing in the streets of the main Brazilian cities. With nearly half a million infections and the path of 30,000 deaths from Covid-19, the center of the protests this Sunday was Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, where fans of the main opposing teams in the city, Corinthians and Palmeiras, marched together, dressed in black and with masks, with shouts and banners where the main slogan was «Democracy».

There was tension when a smaller group of Bolsonaristas, who frequent that street every Sunday in support of the Government, began attacks against the fans. “Folha de São Paulo” identified a woman, dressed in a United States flag and a baseball bat, as the person who started the conflict, which ended with police repression and tear gas. São Paulo is the epicenter of Covid-19 in Brazil, with nearly 8,000 deaths and more than 107,000 infected.

The protest, which was repeated in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, marked what may be the beginning of demonstrations against Bolsonaro and his authoritarian positions. The president, who is being investigated and pressured by the Supreme Court, came to ask in a meeting: «I want everyone armed. That the armed people will never be enslaved. The phrase was rejected by 72% of Brazilians, according to a poll on the cover of “Folha” this Sunday, a new sign that the figure of the president continues to lose popularity.

Brazil is already the fourth country with the most deaths from coronavirus, after surpassing France and Spain, and behind the United States (103,758), the United Kingdom (38,458) and Italy (33,340). The country is, in turn, the second with more cases of contagion, half a million, after the United States, with 1.8 million infected. .


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