Coronavirus: after “mask diplomacy”, Beijing steps up “vaccine diplomacy”

The communist regime is seeking to win the race for the antidote to Covid-19 to improve its image. It advances its pawns in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The scene takes place on March 4, 2020: camped in front of a large flag of the Chinese Communist Party, Chen Wei, major general of the People’s Liberation Army, in military uniform, presents his bare left arm. Facing the photographers, she is the first known human being to be injected with a vaccine against the coronavirus – untested and developed by the CanSino Biologics laboratory. From that time, the one who will be elevated to the rank of national hero by the Chinese president speaks of “winning the battle” of the race for the antidote.

Obsessed by this Grail, China wanted to mark the spirits very early on and has been moving forward since then. Xi Jinping, who is committed to the Chinese vaccine becoming a “global public good”, seized a unique opportunity to redress the image of his country, very degraded internationally. Objective: to make people forget that the pandemic started in Wuhan and that the original lack of transparency of the Chinese authorities facilitated the spread of Covid-19 in the world.

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