Coronavirus: AstraZeneca’s vaccination campaign comes to an end in Belgium

The end of the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine is approaching in Belgium, “due to its limitation to over 41s, the number of eligible people is decreasing”.

An the next two weeks, the last invitations will be sent out for a first injection of AstraZeneca vaccine. After that, the vaccine will only be used for the second injections. The rest will go to poor countries through the Covax initiative. This is what the Vaccination Task Force announced.

The wait time between the first and second injection with AstraZeneca is the longest of all available vaccines, at two months. Also, the vaccine is only given to people over 41 years of age and supplies are very hit and miss.

Other vaccines will therefore be administered. It is not clear how many AstraZeneca vaccines will ultimately be in surplus due to uncertain supplies.


Delays in delivery of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines could potentially delay the vaccination campaign by two weeks in the summer, or even four to five weeks if the age limit (administration only to persons 41 years of age or older) is maintained following to the current risk assessment, according to the Task Force.


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