Health Coronavirus: Austrian expert: "Developers need 18 months for vaccine"

Coronavirus: Austrian expert: “Developers need 18 months for vaccine”


A vaccine against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) takes about 18 months. This is what the Viennese virologist Otfried Kistner says in an interview with RMA editor Anna Richter-Trummer. So there is no need to worry too much. The death toll in China has more than doubled.

AUSTRIA. Kistner is also a lecturer at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Boku) in Vienna and was instrumental in the development of novel vaccines against viral pathogens at the pharmaceutical company Baxter. Drugs for the causal treatment of Covid-19 diseases and, of course, vaccines to prevent further spread would be urgently needed. The Vienna expert in an interview with RMA editor Anna Richter-Trummer: “I think it is likely that you will find a vaccine in 18 months. However, this does not mean treatment for already infected patients.” For the classic way of development, the virus must first be identified as the cause. Then you have to isolate it and decode the genetic information. After all, you need a platform with which you can multiply, clean and process the virus.

“Don’t be afraid”

The Viennese virologist is also not afraid of the corona virus. “There are always people who are afraid and others are not. In fact, every virus epidemic poses a potential threat, but in my opinion the actions of the Chinese authorities look coordinated,” the expert said optimistically in the interview. And further: “It is extremely difficult to estimate how long the epidemic will last. It falls into the ‘read glass ball’ category. But I would be careful that experience has shown that around a year can be expected.”

Up to 18 months

Kistner bases its expertise on its long experience with the pharmaceutical company Baxter. “Baxter was formerly supported by the US government for the development of a SARS vaccine. It took us 18 months from the groundwork to the preclinical phase, ie to possible testing in clinical studies in humans.” The SARS virus is related to Covid-19.

Austrochinesin is stuck in a closed city

According to Kistner, a new technical way could represent a revolution. Kistner: “This could be an RNA vaccine. To do this, the genetic information of the pathogen is converted into an RNA construct suitable for such a vaccine. The RNA is injected and provides the template for the ‘production’ of the desired virus components by the cells. The immune system then reacts with the desired structure of a corresponding protective immune response. The body of the vaccinated is the first to produce the vaccine, “said Kistner.

Fatalities more than doubled

As reported by ORF, the number of newly detected deaths due to the corona virus in China in the particularly severely affected province of Hubei has more than doubled compared to the previous day. The number of newly detected infections even increased ninefold there. The number of infections detected rose by 14,840 to 48,208 known cases. The previous day, 97 deaths and 1,638 new infections were reported in Hubei.

Leondinger reports from the ghost town

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