Coronavirus: autopsy of the deceased shows bad lung damage

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Anyone who suffers from the Covid 19 virus has serious consequences. Autopsies now provide important information about the cause of death of corona patients. Extreme lung damage has been demonstrated in most.

A study by the Augsburg University Hospital shows in a current study how much the lung tissue is damaged by corona deceased. Irreversible the researchers write – means that the damage caused by the virus was incurable. Because of that Lung oxygen intake severely impaired and is considered the main cause of death. Evidence of this is the Covid 19 genome, which was still found in the airways during the autopsies.

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Patients suffered from additional underlying diseases

The study results were published in the renowned journal “Journal of the American Medical Association”. An important finding: According to information from “Heilpraxis” the damage was well not through mechanical ventilation caused. They were probably caused by viral effects. Means: Upper respiratory tract infections are mostly viral, including colds, cough and sneeze. According to the examinations, all patients suffered from additional basic diseases in addition to the virus – but these did not lead directly to death.

The damaged lungs affected the oxygen supply to the other organs – however, no significant changes were found in the dead.

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