Coronavirus: Axel Kicillof said that “we are in the …

We can say that there is a second wave“, contagion of coronavirus, said the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof while kept a meeting with the mayors of the province in which the eye this put on the coast by the movement of tourists from all over the country. He also noted that “During the pandemic they accused me of being tougher, but I prefer to be taken for being unfriendly than for being irresponsible because it is a very complicated disease“, he said pointing to the contrast with the city of Buenos Aires, where the measures were lighter despite the high rate of infections.

“There’s a rather embarrassing intellectual catflorism. One can say that they are on the campaign and they oppose everything. There is a media and political militancy against the vaccine, but they should reflect“, Kicillof assured in relation to the political positions of a part of the opposition that strongly criticized the vaccines because of their Russian origin.” As in Europe and the United States the second wave arrived with the return of the cold here, growth was expected to arrive later. strong of contagions. But the cases began to grow and this second wave arrived in Argentina a month ago“Kicillof said in response to the need to urgently address the situation.

The governor maintains a meeting in Mar Chiquita with the mayors of the province to assess the epidemiological situation in the different districts. Some of the new measures that will be imposed to mitigate the spread of the virus in the population were already announced this week. In keeping with the national decree, Kicillof imposed nighttime restrictions such as closing from 1 to 6 to avoid clandestine parties and gatherings of more than ten people. In addition, heavy fines were announced for those who do not wear the mandatory mask and for those who organize, participate or own property where clandestine parties are held.

“The city of Buenos Aires continues to lead the number of cases per million inhabitants,” he said, pointing to the seriousness of the increase in cases and the distance taken by the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, to differentiate himself from the measures taken for the province of Buenos Aires. “The contagions that exist in the Coast have to do with the mobility of the vacations”, he assured and added that “today we are not only deciding on the inhabitants of the province but on tourists who come from other provinces and the City.”

“The care had been relaxed a lot,” Kicillof pointed out, pointing to the health protocols and stated that it is a question of “coordinating with CABA”, although there are “quite different views.” On the other hand, he wished a “speedy recovery” to Larreta, who is isolated for having contracted coronavirus.

The governor explained that 732 thousand people registered on the Buenos Aires government website giving their acceptance to be vaccinated and stressed that “you have to take better care of yourself because there is little left to be vaccinated.” He also pointed out that “for those who speak of freedom, freedom is the vaccine that we have been waiting for a long time,” and he ventured that this way it will be possible to “recover a life that is most similar to normal: with hugs, roasts, mates and face-to-face classes “.

Kicillof insisted that “there is a part of the opposition that is quite shameful” because “it opposes everything: for the Russian vaccine to come, then for ‘there are few’, not wanting chinstraps or vaccines, but then complaining about infections “.


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