Coronavirus: Booster Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Strengthens Protection for the Elderly

Pfizer / BioNTech’s vaccine protection dramatically increased with third injection in people over 60, a study based on data from more than one million people published in New England found Thursday Journal of Medicine.

In Israel, for example, there have been ten times more confirmed infections and almost twenty times more serious illnesses in the double vaccinated elderly than in the elderly who had received three doses of the serum. In this country, all vaccinated people can receive a third dose, called a booster, five months after their second injection. Despite a relatively high vaccination rate, the Hebrew state is facing a strong wave of contaminations. Israeli researchers believe this is attributable to the more contagious Delta variant and the decline in immunity, which typically occurs six months after the second dose of the Covid vaccine. The protection would then drop to around 50%, while a booster dose would increase it to 95%.

In Belgium, only immunocompromised people can benefit from a third dose. These include patients with congenital immune disorders, on chronic dialysis, with inflammatory diseases and taking immunosuppressive drugs, patients treated for cancer, those who have had a stem cell or organ transplant, and some who are HIV positive ( HIV). The vaccination taskforce is examining the possible extension of the third dose to other people on Thursday.

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