Coronavirus: Catalonia could close bars and restaurants again if cases do not drop

While they are currently positive, Catalonia has warned that if monitoring indicators for the coronavirus epidemic did not continue to drop next week, the reopening of bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and other indoor sporting activities would be questioned.

Less than a week after the first phase of deconfinement, Catalonia sees the indicators for monitoring the Covid-19 epidemic follow a relatively regular downward slope.

But this Thursday, the Health Advisor, Alba Vergès, and that of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, recalled that the data must continue to fall otherwise the deconfinement would be paused.

Currently at 0.77, the “R” measuring the speed of transmission of the virus should remain below 0.9 (ie an infected person infects less than one).

The deconfinement plan reviewed every two weeks

Hospital admissions will also have to continue to fall, as will the number of new cases of contamination, which will have to remain below 1,000 per day.

The deconfinement plan is reviewed every two weeks in order to validate (or not) the passage to the next level.

Sanctions in bars and restaurants

The interior advisor of Catalonia also warned that Sanctions will now be taken by the Mossos for those who do not respect the limit of four people at the table in bars and restaurants. The limit may be greater for people who live in the same household.

If Catalonia puts its fists on the table and reminds its population of the rules of the game, it is because next week is looming the long public holiday weekend of the Purissíma.. Important festivals in Catalonia conducive to family gatherings that could be as many clusters.


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