Coronavirus consequences: study shows mental decline

The consequences of the coronavirus for the human brain are largely known. A new study now makes its extent even clearer.

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 brings with it some not insignificant risks. However, the effects of the respiratory disease Covid-19 affect not only the lungs, but also the heart and other organs. Above all, however, the brain seems very particular among the Coronavirus consequences to suffer. Researchers use the example of many infected people to show how dramatic they actually are.

Coronavirus consequences: Researchers warn of mental decline

For some time now, researchers from various institutes have been warning of the effects of Covid-19 on human brain functions. A new study examined this phenomenon using the test results of 84,285 test subjects and came to worrying findings. The coronavirus consequences appear to be far more worrying for the brain than previously thought.

“Our analyzes agree with the view that Covid-19 has chronic cognitive consequences,” write the scientists involved in their report. “People who had recovered, including those who had no symptoms, showed significant cognitive deficits.” In some cases, this could even lead to the deterioration progressing until it corresponds to an aging of the brain by up to ten years.

“The cognitive function of the participants prior to Covid is not known, and the results do not reflect long-term recovery. Therefore, the effects on the brain may be short-term,” quoted the news channel n-tv also Joanna Wardlaw, a professor of neuroimaging at the University of Edinburgh.

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The corona pandemic in Germany

The prevailing corona pandemic is still drawing deep ruts through the everyday lives of people from all over the world. In Germany too, Covid-19 and the associated coronavirus consequences have some unpleasant consequences. Not only researchers have since discovered a terrifying new coronavirus sign, also the virologist Christian Drosten is now calling for a Germany-wide lockdown.

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