Coronavirus: Costa Smeralda in Savona – Last Hour


(ANSA) – SAVONA, FEBRUARY 1 – It arrived at dawn this morning
in port in Savona Costa Smeralda, left yesterday from Civitavecchia
after the forced stop for the Coronavirus alarm. Upon landing I am
safety procedures for passengers have started: among them
there are also six hundred people of Chinese nationality. staff
sanitary, equipped with gloves and mask, checks the
travelers disembarking in Savona taking their temperature
body. Boarding will begin at the end of this phase
of the new passengers: about a hundred of these come
from China, India and other areas where the
feared virus. For Asian passengers the checks are already on
initiated on board the coaches that brought them to Savona, e
questionnaires were distributed asking for them
information on recent trips and the status of
health. Other targeted checks will be carried out directly
aboard Smeralda.


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