Coronavirus: COVID-19 death rate in Mexico dropped from 9.8% to 3%, according to the Ministry of Health

COVID-19 :

José Luis Alomía, director of epidmiology, claimed that death reached 9.8% in epidemiological week 29

Jose Luis Alomy, CEO of Epidmiologie Ministry of Health, asserted that the mortality rate of COVID-19[feminine[feminine in Mexico decreases from 9.8% to less than 3%.

In the report on the situation of coronavirus In Mexico on Saturday, Alomía Zegarra argued that the death rate reached 9.8% in epidemiological week 29.

The lethality had a steady decrease with each epidemiological week, in fact this 9.8 percent build-up was observed in epidemiological week number 29, when we had the greatest burden of cases, the greatest epidemic magnitude, than we had. so after that it continued to decline to about 3 percent which we have reached in recent weeks, ”he argued.

The director of epidemiology pointed out that mortality is the number of people who die per 100 cases.

“Since the death of the first person, the lethality is less than 10 percent, 9.8 percent was the last measurement, that is for the entire period of the epidemic in Mexico,” he said.

Alomía Zegarra explained that having a hospital bed always available can help reduce the number of deaths, to less than 3 percent.

“Every time and every week that has passed since the start of the epidemic, the highest death rates are recorded in the first few months of the epidemic, perhaps fewer people were sick, but more were dying on the basis of this percentage. But as the epidemic evolved and measures were implemented, interventions were underway, ”he explained.

Mexico recorded 550 new deaths from COVID-19 this Saturday, bringing the death toll to 101,373, reported the Health Secretary.

In addition, in the last 24 hours, 6,719 new infections were recorded, for a total of 1 million 32,000 688 confirmed cases.

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