Coronavirus | Daily deaths from COVID-19 record the lowest number in four months

The World Health Organization (WHO) notified this Thursday 6,965 global deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, the lowest figure since November 10, 2020, the last day in which fewer than 7,000 deaths were recorded per day.

At the end of last January record figures of more than 16,000 daily deaths were reached on the planet, and the accumulated since the beginning of the pandemic adds up to 2.47 million deaths (2.2 percent of the 111 million confirmed cases of the COVID-19).

America is the region where the most deaths from COVID-19 have been registered (1.1 million), followed by Europe (848,000), South Asia (205,000), the Middle East (142,000), Africa (71,000) and East Asia (28,000).

World figures

By countries, The United States has reported, according to the WHO, 496,000 deaths (although other sources already place the figure above half a million), Brazil 247,000, Mexico 180,000, India 156,000 and the United Kingdom 121,000.

On the other hand, national health networks show that more than 216 million doses of vaccines have already been administered worldwide against the COVID-19, including 65 million in the United States, 40 million in China, 28 million in the European Union (EU) and 18 million in the United Kingdom. (EFE)

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