Coronavirus, deodorant banned in Germany: “The more you stink, the more you use masks”

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BERLIN (Germany) – The more you stink, the more you use the masks. This is the simple and effective thought conceived by BVG, the company that manages public transport in Berlin. There Germany is taking the fight against dreaded outbreaks seriously coronavirus, and for this reason it was decided indeed to ban the use of deodorant on the subway, bus and trams. The reason? In this way he wants his citizens to wear the mask correctly when using public transport in the capital.

Berlin, anti-deodorant campaign

Despite the majority of citizens wearing the protective device correctly, in recent times the local media have been denouncing how others cover only the mouth leaving the nose free, thus making the masks useless. Prohibiting the use of deodorants, as thought by the BVG, it will generate a bad smell, which consequently will lead everyone to wear the device correctly so that you don’t get sick of the stench. A side effect that obviously doesn’t scare you. Now all that remains is to wait, to see if the thought really works.



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  1. As opposed to your rather silly and sensationalist headline, anti-perspirants are NOT actually banned in Germany. However, the Berlin (capital of Germany and NOT the whole of Germany!) municipal transport-company has requested (NOT BANNED!) commuters to not wear anti-perspirant so as to encourage mask-wearing, which is now officially compulsory on all trains, trams and busses, yet ignored by many conspiracy-theorists and so-called ‘hygiene-protesters and -objectors’ and people who feel the measures to curb the pandemic ‘erodes’ their civil- and human-rights whilst jeopardising fellow passengers.


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