Coronavirus disrupts the holiday bridge on July 4 in the US

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Many hoped that by the time the weekend of July 4th, this year with the main holiday ahead of Friday, the coronavirus would be under control and U.S could indulge in their traditional celebrations of independence Day. The force with which the virus spreads uncontrollably in the country, especially in southern and western states, has made the idea vanish. At least eight states beat again on Thursday contagion records, there are already more than 2.74 million cases detected in the country and close to 129,000 dead. And the dominant message now from the authorities, with the exception of the president, Donald Trump, it is avoid celebrations and crowds.

While the President I was traveling to Dakota del on for a celebration with thousands of people at monte Rushmore (a visit protested by Native American communities and what has caused alert for the risks sanitary and of fires), traditional fireworks and parades have been canceled in various parts of the country. Citizens have been urged to limit guests to barbecues. Also they have been closed beaches in places like county Miami-Dade in Florida, in the south of California and there are closings and access restrictions on the coast of Texas.

Facemask obligation

In the southern state the Republican Governor Greg Abbott, gave permission to mayors and judges on Thursday to impose restrictions on public gatherings of more than 10 people and signed a executive order imposing the use of masks in public in counties with 20 or more positives (although with exceptions such as church services or restaurants). Just a month ago, she issued an order preventing local governments from imposing fines for not carrying it.

Abbott’s turn is the strongest evidence of change that many conservatives are having on the mask, including leaders of the Republican Party. And it is health issue But also financial: Business leaders have asked the White House to work with governors to develop binding guidelines for their use. A Goldman Sachs study has shown that doing so could help avoid closures, whose cost in the economy is calculated in a 5% del START.



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