Coronavirus, dive bags. Mattarella and Conte against Lagarde – Economy

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Rome, 13 March 2020 – The Italian reaction after the ‘gaffe’ by Christine Lagarde, who said he did not want to deal with the spread of the different countries. The Eurotower president then corrected the shot: “I am committed to avoiding any fragmentation in a difficult moment in the euro area”. And he specified that the instruments of the European Central Bank “are available for Italy “.

But in the wake of the first statements it has been seen the surge in the spread and Piazza Affari lost 16.9%.

“Italy is going through a difficult condition – thundered the President Mattarella – and expects solidarity initiatives, not moves that can hinder their action “. And the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte rincara: “In this moment of difficulty we will not tolerate abstract logic from European countries”.

The foreign minister is also attacked Luigi Di Maio: “The ECB did not help us and causes a thump on the stock exchange”.


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