Coronavirus | Donald Trump and his wife secretly received COVID-19 vaccine, according to US press | USA

Former American President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, They silently received the COVID-19 vaccine at the White House in January, according to local press.

This news was initially reported by The New York Times, whose source, an advisor to the ex-president, assured that both were inoculated “in private” before Trump left the presidency.

It is not yet clear what type of immunizer they received or whether they received one or two doses. This information was not provided at the time by the White House.

As you remember, Trump and the former first lady tested positive for the coronavirus in October last year, after the former president spent months publicly minimizing the impact of the pandemic and questioning the use of masks.

They both got over the illness a few weeks later. During your treatment, Trump received a Regeneron’s experimental cocktail.

The news of his secret vaccination comes a day after the former president appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, where he bragged about how he pressured officials to have the vaccine developed under Operation Warp Speed.

“We took a risk because if we didn’t, they wouldn’t have the vaccines yet. They wouldn’t have them for long,” he said.

In this speech he also encouraged people to get vaccinated for the first time. “Everyone should get their injection,” he said.

The current president, Joe Biden, was vaccinated in front of cameras with vaccine dose Pfizer in an effort to increase confidence about its safety and efficacy. The vice president, Kamala Harris, and the former vice president Mike Pence they were also inoculated publicly.

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Three of the predecessors of Trump, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush y Barack Obama, they also announced that they would receive their vaccinations in public.

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