News Coronavirus: echoes of a confined France, 22nd day

Coronavirus: echoes of a confined France, 22nd day


Life at home for everyone: Côtes-d’Armor to a building balcony in Orléans, echoes of a France under cover, Tuesday, on the 22nd day of confinement.

. “Watchful”

To take a break during the day, the Bird Protection League (LPO) launched a challenge on March 17: “Confined but on the lookout”. Objective: from its window or its garden, scrutinize, ten minutes a day, the birds of spring and send its observations.

In less than 15 days, the LPO collected “151,310 data”, ie “six times more than usual over a similar period”, collected by “8,500 participants”, with a special mention for the departments of Loire-Atlantique, Ile-et-Vilaine and the North, “the most involved in this challenge”.

More than 377,000 birds have been observed: “the species which frequent gardens most abundantly during this period are the house sparrow, the great tit, the chaffinch, the blue tit and the blackbird”.

The LPO promises an assessment at the end of confinement, a “unique opportunity” to measure the health and the evolution of numbers during the breeding period.

. Breton bowl

No applause, but a bowl. To express their support for nursery, leisure, sanitation and garbage collectors, residents of the community of Communes Leff Armor (Côtes d’Armor) are invited to put a bowl on their mailbox, their low wall or the pillar of their portal.

“We will show them all our support and pay tribute to them,” said the community on its website. “+ We are lucky to have you + is also a way of keeping in touch with the whole population,” she adds.

This operation, by extension, is also aimed at caregivers, farmers, postal agents, teachers, artisans, merchant-deliverers, transporters, etc.

. Spiritual support: two new hotlines

The cults have decided to make available to their faithful telephone numbers after which listeners accompany and answer questions from the sick, families (including those who are bereaved), carers … After the Catholics and Muslims during the week last, this week, are operational:

– the rabbinical permanence for the Jews: 09 70 68 34 30.

– the toll-free support number for Protestants: 0805 380 222. “Spiritual support for the most vulnerable”, specifies the Protestant Federation of France.

. Tenor on the balcony

In Orleans, tenor Luca de Bernardi sings one or two opera arias every evening from his window.

“I have been singing religious or opera tunes for 5 to 10 minutes since March 23 in tribute to all those people who put themselves in danger for us,” the lyric singer, who also suffers from asthma, told AFP. .

Every evening after 8:00 p.m., he plugs his computer into his channel and puts the speaker on his balcony, then sings on the soundtracks. Luca de Bernardi missed the meeting only once, one evening when he was hoarse and it was cold.

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