Coronavirus: For Donald Trump, China Must Be Accountable

Donald Trump continues to threaten China. On Monday April 27, the American president raised the possibility of asking Beijing to pay billions of dollars in compensation for the damage caused by the new coronavirus, which has appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan. We are unhappy with China , disease could have been arrested at the source and not spread around the world said the Republican billionaire in his daily press briefing on the pandemic. There are several ways to engage responsibility, we are conducting a very serious investigation about it, he added.

A journalist then questioned him about an editorial in the German magazine Bild which asked Beijing to pay $ 165 billion in reparations to Berlin. We are talking about a lot more money replied the American leader. We have not yet determined the final amount, but it is very high , he said. There has been damage not only in the United States, but worldwide.

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Of sacrificed because of incompetence

Nearly one million Covid-19 patients and 56,000 dead have been identified in the United States, where the economy is suffering greatly from containment measures taken to try to stem the pandemic. The country has also recorded Monday, April 27, 1,303 additional deaths from the disease in the last 24 hours. We will never forget those people who were sacrificed because of incompetence, or maybe something else, at a time when they could have protected the world said Donald Trump again.

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For weeks, the American president has accused Beijing of delaying informing the world of the extent of the disease and of minimizing the number of deaths on its territory. His administration also said it did not rule out that the new coronavirus had been accidentally spread from a bat research laboratory in Wuhan. April 18, Donald Trump had already warned China against possible consequences if it were knowingly responsible of the coronavirus pandemic.

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