Coronavirus: Galicia moves towards “total containment” of the virus

Galicia presents “already the adequate ratio” of infections per person infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus to achieve the “total containment” phase, since it is below one infected by a person with this virus, a figure that was already known to beginning of the week and that reflects an improvement in the situation in the Community.

This has been stated, in statements to Europa Press, by Dr. Antón Acevedo, specialist in Preventive Medicine at the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario A Coruña (Chuac), who has assessed that in the Galician Community the number of discharges and cured patients “exceed” new cases of infected.

Asked about the state of the pandemic in Galicia, he indicated that it has “stabilized” according to the data of the last days, “since the beginning of the week” the trend is towards a decrease in new cases of infection.

Dr. Acevedo has stated that “it seems” that the initial exponential increase has been exceeded and “the growth of cases is no longer exponential” and “it is becoming more and more distant”, he pointed out.

To this he added that the demand for care in hospitals in Galicia “is lower”, which allows “better care for patients” and “these peaks of collapse are not reached,” Antón Acevedo added.

In relation to the ratio of infections per patient, he highlighted that in Galicia it has been “below one” since the beginning of this week. For this reason, he has assured that the Galician Community is “already in that adequate ratio” to achieve the “total containment phase” of the infection.

Thus, he commented that, with the current data, it is “in the plateau phase” towards the “descending phase of infection”. In this regard, he stressed that the “number of discharges and cured patients outnumber new cases.”

Therefore, asked if the peak is considered exceeded, Dr. Acevedo has appealed to prudence to point out that “it seems that with the data the peak has already been exceeded”, but has opted to “wait 3-4 days” and see if the trend continues. Thus, he has advocated “being vigilant.” The data during Easter can be key to check this trend.

However, Antón Acevedo has underlined the “trend towards this decrease” in cases and has stated that the situation in Galician hospitals is “stabilized”, both in the ICU and in other hospitalization units.

Since Saturday, April 4, according to records from the Health Department, the number of patients in the ICU in Galicia has dropped from 177 to 169 on Sunday, 168 on Monday and 162 on Tuesday. This Wednesday there were 158 people in critical units, which is four less than last day.

As for the highs, these have increased progressively since the weekend, from 435 on Friday to 531 on Saturday and 587 on Sunday. This week has started with 610 on Monday to increase to 688 this Tuesday and 800 this Wednesday, which means 112 more than the previous day.

Also the increase of new cases of infected has been decreasing from 291 between Friday and Saturday; at 249 on Sunday; 167 on Monday and 93 on Tuesday. This Wednesday at noon, according to Sanidade records, there were 5,460 infected, 25 more than the previous day in which Sanidade recorded 5,435.

Dr. Acevedo stressed that “there is less left” to “go back to normal life.” In this way, he considers that “sooner rather than later some activities can be resumed”.

In particular, he believes that “one of the first measures” of “lack of care” may be that children go for a walk with one of their parents “close to home”, as well as “do sports alone” and in an “open area ».

This considers that it can happen in “a matter of weeks”, starting on April 26, when the last extension of the state of alarm announced by the Government will end. Thus, Acevedo estimates that “progressively” thereafter “some measures will be relaxed.” .

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