Coronavirus – Horeca: epidemiologist Marius Gilbert explains why cafes and restaurants were closed (video)

The decision to close all cafes and restaurants in the country from Monday, and for a month, has been heavily criticized. ULB epidemiologist Marius Gilbert (finally) provides a clear explanation for this closure of the hospitality industry.

The decision taken on Friday in the Concertation Committee to close the cafes and restaurants of the country from Monday, and for a month, has since been strongly criticized by many personalities, whether they are political or whether they are an integral part. of the catering sector.

Present on the set of the program C’est pas tous les jours dimanche (RTL-TVI), ULB epidemiologist Marius Gilbert tried to objectify things: “We must realize and this is something that has not been said enough: the clusters (sources of contamination, note) that we identify for the moment, we identify them how? In business, it’s easy: it’s occupational medicine that sees that there are some sick people. In schools, it’s easy: management sees that there are teachers and / or students who are sick. But in restaurants, you don’t know who’s been there. The ‘testing’ centers do not have time to investigate restaurants. We must deconstruct this discourse according to which ‘we have not observed clusters in restaurants so there is no transmission in restaurants and cafes’. That, I’m sorry to say, but it is the reality because in fact, in cafes and restaurants, the fact of not having a mask for a long time is actually a major risk factor, especially when it is. ‘is inside. And the seasonal factor, here, catches up with us very strongly, compared to the period when it could be done on the terrace“.


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