Coronavirus in Argentina: 103 deaths and 12,332 new infections confirmed in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that, during the last 24 hours, 103 deaths and 12,332 new positive cases of coronavirus were registered. With these data, the total number of infected amounts to 1,783,047 and the fatalities total 45,227.

Of the total deaths recorded this Thursday: 52 are men (23 residents of the province of Buenos Aires, 3 of the City of Buenos Aires, 1 of Chaco, 1 of Entre Ríos, 1 of Formosa, 1 of Jujuy, 5 of La Pampa, 2 of Mendoza, 2 of Misiones, 3 of Río Negro, 1 from San Juan, 1 from Santa Cruz, 1 from Santa Fe, 2 from Tierra del Fuego) and 49 women (18 residents of the province of Buenos Aires, 2 of the City of Buenos Aires, 2 of Chaco, 5 of La Pampa, 2 of Mendoza, 1 of Misiones, 1 of Neuquén, 1 of Río Negro, 3 of Santa Cruz, 6 from Santa Fe, 7 from Tierra del Fuego and 1 from Tucumán).

According to the epidemiological report, two people (one from the province of Buenos Aires and another from the province of Santa Cruz) were registered without sex data.

At present3,578 people are admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU). With regard to occupancy percentages, at the national level it is 53.7%, while in the AMBA it is 58.9%.

Between Thursday and Friday, according to the epidemiological report, 52,120 tests were carried out and since the beginning of the outbreak, 5,468,091 diagnostic tests for this disease were carried out, which is equivalent to 120,504 samples per million inhabitants.

Of the 12,332 cases, 4,742 are from the province of Buenos Aires, 1,306 from the city of Buenos Aires, 395 from Catamarca, 226 from Chaco, 408 from Chubut, 235 from Corrientes, 649 from Córdoba, 537 from Entre Ríos, 58 from Formosa, 21 from Jujuy , 195 from La Pampa, 13 from La Rioja, 135 from Mendoza, 104 from Misiones, 515 from Neuquén, 334 from Río Negro, 59 from Salta, 111 from San Juan, 33 from San Luis, 332 from Santa Cruz, 1,488 from Santa Fe, 92 from Santiago del Estero, 91 from Tierra del Fuego and 253 from Tucumán.

This morning, in the daily report that is issued from the situation room of the National Health Executive Committee to combat the coronavirus and the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, and the National Director of Epidemiology and Strategic Information, Analía Rearte, shared information about the epidemic curve of confirmed COVID-19 cases in pregnant people from March 3, 2020 to January 9, 2021.

“Cases reported as suspects have been analyzed and 8,258 cases have been confirmed in pregnant people. Of which 6,680 have been recovered, that’s a little more than 80%. On the other hand, 38 pregnant people have died during this pandemic. The median age of deceased pregnant people, in pregnancy or puerperium is 32 years. The fatality of pregnant or postpartum women is 0.46%, it is lower than the global fatality and 50% had known comorbidities, the most frequent being, as we see in other populations, diabetes and, in this case, asthma“Said Carla Vizzotti and added data about the number of doses of Sputnik V applied during the first stage of immunization.

In relation to the vaccination campaign, we have already exceeded 200,000 doses in Argentina applied and reported. 200,759 are the doses applied in the 24 jurisdictions in this first stage. The first 300,000 doses destined for health personnel between 18 and 59 years of age who provide care in intensive care units, in laboratories that handle viruses in large urban agglomerates and then expanding depending on having met that goal, expanding the target population ”, explained the Secretary of Access to Health.

Tomorrow, Saturday 16, the Aerolineas Argentinas plane will return to Argentina to bring the second batch of Sputnik V vaccines. The plane, which departed on Thursday night 14 for Russia from the Ezeiza International Airport, will return to national soil on Saturday 16 at noon, to continue with the inoculation plan planned by the Government to stop the advance of the coronavirus. Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1060, which departed at 21:14, was carried out directly on an Airbus 330-200 registration LV-GHQ under the name of “ferry”: the aircraft traveled empty, only with the cabin crew and maintenance and cargo technicians.

Buenos Aires is the province with the highest number of vaccinated people, with a total of 46,670 people, Followed by Córdoba (14.123), Santa Fe (8.582) and the Buenos aires city (7.950).

The 300 thousand doses that arrived in December were stored in a property of the Andreani company and they just began to be applied to health personnel on Tuesday 29 of that month.

In that batch of vaccines, the province of Buenos Aires received 123,000 doses; Santa Fe, 24,100; the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 23,100; Cordoba, 21,900; Tucumán, 11,500; Mendoza, 11,100; Entre Ríos, 10,100; Jump, 8,300; Chaco, 7,700; Corrientes, 6,700; Santiago del Estero, 5,900; Missions, 5,200; San Juan, 4,700; Jujuy, 4,600; Rio Negro, 4,400; Neuquén, 3,600; Formosa, 3,400; St. Louis, 3,300; Chubut, 3,000; Catamarca, 2,800; La Rioja, 2,600; Santa Cruz, 2,400; La Pampa, 2,300 and Tierra del Fuego, 1,300.

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