Coronavirus in Belgium – Review of the day: here are the figures

The numbers for the Covid epidemic continue to drop. According to the Sciensano public health institute, between November 15 and 21, the number of hospital admissions stood at 316 per day, down 34%. We are at just over 5,000 hospital patients, including 1,201 in intensive care.

The total number of people hospitalized for the coronavirus continues to decline and now stands at 5,017, down 7% for the period from November 15 to 21, including 1,201 patients treated in intensive care (-4% over the same period ), according to provisional figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute released on Sunday.

Since the start of the pandemic, 40,498 people have been admitted to hospital due to a Covid-19 pathology and 15,522 people have died from it.

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Today’s updated reproductive rate has not yet been released. During the last report, it stood at 0.775.
The Rt is the number of people that a person can infect. It is calculated on the basis of hospitalizations. An outbreak should continue if Rt is greater than ‘1’ and decrease if Rt is less than ‘1’.


The updated number of tests for the day has not yet been communicated. But in the previous daily report, there were an average of 28,281 tests / day. The associated positivity rate (proportion of people positive on the test) was 17.5%.

The test positivity rate, i.e. the proportion of positive people out of all those tested, now reaches 16.4% on average nationwide, over the same reference period.

In total, since the start of the epidemic in March, 556,904 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Belgium.


The number of hospital admissions still stands at 316.4 per day on average for the period of November 15 and November 21 – (- 34%)
In total, 5,017 people are currently hospitalized (-7%) for a Covid-19 infection, including 1,201 in intensive care. (-4%)

Hospital discharges: 529, November 21


From November 12 to 18, 171.9 people died on average each day (-16.2% compared to the previous seven-day period).


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