Coronavirus in Belgium – Today’s report: average hospital admissions and deaths down


The average number of coronavirus infections amounted to 2,245 per day over the period from January 21 to 27, up 11% compared to the previous week.

Since the start of the epidemic in Belgium, 707,837 cases of contamination have been recorded in Belgium but this number underestimates the extent of the contamination, only a small proportion of infected people having been tested at the start of the epidemic.


The reproduction rate is 0,92.

The Rt is the number of people that a person can infect. It is calculated on the basis of hospitalizations. An outbreak should continue if the Rt is greater than ‘1’ and decrease if the Rt is less than ‘1’.


If the number of tests is increasing, the positivity rate is stable at 5.5%.


New admissions: between January 24 and 30, almost 119 people infected with Sars-Cov-2 were admitted on average each day to hospital in Belgium, which represents a decrease of 10%.

Number of hospitalized patients: 1,766 (-2%), including 318 in intensive care (+ 1%)

Hospital discharges: 169 January 30.


According to the latest figures from Sciensano, some 270.700 people in Belgium received a first dose of the vaccine.


Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 21,066 people in our country since the appearance of the new coronavirus in early 2020. Between January 21 and January 27, 49 people on average per day are dead, a decrease of 5.8% from the previous calculation period.


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