Coronavirus in Belgium – “You risk prison”: a huge warning to those who challenge confinement

The current rules on containment must be observed. The police are mobilized and the public prosecutor of the King of Brussels has decided to toughen the tone to demotivate those who take these rules lightly.

Containment is not yet respected everywhere. Some people continue to defy the prohibitions and thus promote the spread of the coronavirus. Behaviors that delay the expiration of these difficult rules. To curb this behavior, the authorities decided to punish violators harshly.

“Three types of offense are concerned today: the ban on travel, assembly and the closing of shops. These are the points that are checked as a priority”, explains Jean-Marc Meilleur, Procurator of the King of Brussels, in the RTL INFO Bienvenue.

Those who would be tempted to challenge confinement are liable to heavy sanctions, including criminal ones. “Criminal sanctions are provided for in the ministerial decree”, says the public prosecutor. “They go up to 3 months’ imprisonment and a fine of 4,000 euros. Be aware that certain behaviors such as spitting on someone or pretending that you are a carrier are common law offenses which can go as far as to 2 years in prison and who could, depending on the circumstances, be subject to an arrest warrant. We can therefore go as far as relatively heavy sanctions “, he explains then.

After the communication, the police maintained decided to opt for a more dissuasive approach. “There are administrative provisions and if it does not work, the judiciary will take its role to heart. If strong sanctions are required, there will be strong sanctions”, assures Jean-Marc Meilleur.

But some police officers believe that they suffer from a lack of clarity in the instructions to be respected. An opinion shared by the public prosecutor of the King of Brussels, who gives however an advice to better find there. “There may be a need to clarify certain rules to make them clearer,” he said. “You have to see the spirit behind these orders and the latter is simple: avoid too close social contact and avoid the spread of the virus. Any behavior that goes in the direction of spread must be avoided”, he explains later.

Not respecting the current rules is of no interest to anyone. The more people who break these rules, the longer it will take to return to normal.

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