Coronavirus in Berchtesgadener Land: Lockdown – schools have to close

AIn view of the unchecked spread of the corona virus, the first exit restrictions in Bavaria since the lockdown in spring will apply in the Berchtesgadener Land district from Tuesday afternoon. You may only leave your own apartment after 2 p.m. for valid reasons. Schools, daycare centers, leisure facilities and restaurants have to close, events are prohibited. Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) and District Administrator Bernhard Kern announced the drastic cuts on Monday evening in Bad Reichenhall.

According to Kaniber, the so-called seven-day incidence – the number of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days – was 272.8 on Monday evening. There have been 57 new infections since Monday alone. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had reported a seven-day incidence of 252.1 for the district on Monday (as of: 0.00 a.m.) – that was initially a nationwide record.

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) had already announced on Monday afternoon that public life in the Berchtesgadener Land would have to be shut down. “There is no other way,” said Söder after a switch from the CSU board in Nuremberg. The contacts of the infected could no longer be traced there. “So contacts must be fundamentally restricted,” said the CSU boss.

The starting point was a party

The district in the very south-east is relatively sparsely populated with a population density of 126 per square kilometer. It is not exactly clear how the wave of infection came about. “The starting point was again a corresponding party,” said Söder. Other sources of infection may be possible.

Overall, critical corona values ​​are currently exceeded in more than half of the Free State. From Tuesday onwards, in 57 of the 96 rural districts and urban districts, a stricter mask requirement also at work, strict contact restrictions and a curfew in the catering trade.

In the Berchtesgadener Land district, however, by far the toughest anti-corona measures will take effect from Tuesday until November 2.

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For school and daycare children there are only emergency care offers. Church services are the only events that are allowed to take place. Restaurants are only allowed to offer take-away meals, and only until 8 p.m. Among other things, saunas and bathing establishments, cinemas, conference and event rooms, clubs, bars and discos, amusement arcades, theaters, club rooms, brothels, museums, sports halls, sports and playgrounds, fitness studios, libraries, animal parks, music and adult education centers have to close. Hotels are only allowed to accept business travelers. Strict visiting bans apply to clinics, old people’s and nursing homes.

Good reasons for leaving the apartment there include, for example, professional activities, necessary shopping, but also sports and exercise in the fresh air – but only alone or with members of your own household, as District Administrator Kern said. The “thumbscrews” should now be tightened.

And suddenly Berchtesgadener Land and Delmenhorst are hotspots

More and more regions in Germany are becoming hotspots. Politicians and medical professionals warn urgently and constantly propose new measures to curb the rapid spread. But how and for how long do they still reach the population?

Source: WELT / Marcus Tychsen

57 districts and urban districts had exceeded the mark of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days in the past few days, 29 of which are or were even above the even more critical 50 mark. Even with a seven-day incidence of 35, a stricter mask requirement also applies in heavily frequented public places, at work and in schools, and if the value exceeds the 50 value also in primary schools and after-school facilities.

The nationwide valid Corona traffic light also provides that with values ​​over 35 in the regions – no matter where – only residents of two households or a maximum of ten people are allowed to meet. With a so-called seven-day incidence of more than 50, only two households or a maximum of five people are allowed to meet. These restrictions also apply to all types of private celebrations.

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In addition, with high corona numbers, strict curfew hours apply in the catering trade. If the 35 value is exceeded, restaurants have to close at 11 p.m., with a seven-day incidence of more than 50 even after 10 p.m.

Söder called on the entire population – and specifically not just young people – to fight the virus together and to show more solidarity. “It’s not about following the state,” he said. It is not a question of authority. “We need solidarity among the generations and solidarity in a society.” We have to protect the particularly weak and the particularly vulnerable together.

“Then it will be a lonely Christmas”

So far, Germany has managed without a new nationwide lockdown, said Söder. If this is to stay that way, one now has to “take serious joint measures”. “Either we will manage to get the numbers under control again in the next four weeks – or it will be very difficult,” he said, according to participants in the switch. “Then it will be a lonely Christmas.”

For this Wednesday, Söder announced a government declaration in the Bavarian state parliament. In it he wanted to “deal comprehensively with the conception, the strategy, but also the question of how things will proceed,” he said. In addition, it should be about further help for industries affected by the Corona crisis.


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