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Starting this Monday, a new stage of confinement begins in Bogotá. This will be stricter than in the rest of the country and will include the closure of a locality to contain the accelerated advance of the coronavirus.

Thus, from this Monday, and for the next 14 days, Kennedy, with 1,069,814 inhabitants and one of the most important residential and labor centers in the southwestern part of the city, It will be isolated from the rest of the capital and must comply with a total quarantine, such as that experienced in the first drill.

Kennedy is the town with the most confirmed cases. As of May 30, 2,449 infected and 74 deceased were registered there. “We have to take better care of Kennedy, but not sacrifice the achievements we have made.” Mayor Claudia López said this weekend, when she gave the guidelines for the new quarantine for Bogotá.

EL TIEMPO explains to you, in detail, what can and cannot be done starting this Monday if you live in Kennedy or in another part of the city.

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If you live in Kennedy, please note:

What can you get out of?

Between 5 a. m. and 7 p. m., only one person per family can go to …
– Buy food and medicine.
– Keep medical appointments.
– Caring for the elderly or minors.
– Take your pets out for 20 minutes.
– Address reasons of force majeure.
Be careful: going out to do sports is prohibited.

What businesses can they open?

“The shops, mini-markets, drugstores, cigarette shops that distribute food and basic necessities, medicines and cleaning products will be able to work,” explains the mayor’s office. They will not be able to open constructions, manufacturing or shops authorized in previous decrees. Informal sales are prohibited.

What if he lives there, but works outside?

The mayor’s office called on companies so that employees who are in this situation are not called.

Those who can enter and leave to work are the personnel of supply and sale of basic necessities, health services, care of dependent persons, veterinarians, public order and private security.

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Can you take a car or motorcycle?

You can only use it to …
– Acquire essential products. Only one person can leave.
– People care work.
– Cases of force majeure.
Please note that there will be traffic control posts at the edges of the town. There will be TransMilenio and SITP.

What will happen to corabastos?

Until June 14, the plant will be cordoned off, with permanent surveillance by the health, safety and mobility authorities with two control posts, and only wholesale buyers will be allowed to enter.
In other words, families and individuals cannot enter individually to buy at retail.

Can you ask for addresses?

You can ask for addresses “related to care and care, and supply products, prepared or unprepared food and medicines.” Restaurants may only operate under this modality. Prefer those that operate within the same locality. In addition, the domiciliary must be duly identified and with the mandatory biosecurity elements.

Where will there be checkpoints?

In race 68 with Primero de Mayo, race 80 with Primero de Mayo, Las Américas with race 68, Portal Américas, the City of Cali with calle 13, Frigorífico Guadalupe, Carrera 68 with calle 13, La Boyacá with calle 13, La Boyacá with the Sur highway, Villavicencio avenue with the Tunjuelito river, the 2nd diagonal with 80C race and 80G race with Las Americas avenue.

And if you don’t live in Kennedy …

Until June 15, the rest of the towns will be in partial isolation. But you should keep in mind that it is different from the rest of the country.

In short, the other 19 locations will remain as they were before.

  1. Quarantine: there will be isolation and prevalence of telework.

  2. Economic recovery: Only the authorized and registered construction, manufacturing and trade sectors may operate on the page The informal sales population will have biosecurity measures and District guidance.

  3. Physical activity: You can do physical activity between 6 a.m. m. and 10 a.m. m. The use of face masks is mandatory.

  4. Orange warning zones: According to the government secretary, the intervention in the special care UPZ gave results, for this reason, apart from Kennedy, the only area in Bogotá that remains with special measures is Ciudad Jardín, where the quarantine ends on June 4.

  5. What is not activated: no more economic sectors will enter for now. However, those authorized in Decree 749 of 2020, shopping centers, hairdressers, museums, among others, may start their registration on the mayor’s page. Then, it will be evaluated to make reactivation pilots after June 15.

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Four questions to Luis Ernesto Gómez, Government Secretary

‘To take care of Bogotá we must isolate Kennedy’

What does it mean that the quarantine goes until June 15?

We have a process of gradual opening of the economy ordered by the President and our task is to ensure that those who go out to work do so with all the biosecurity and self-care measures. Starting today, shopping centers, museums and hairdressing salons begin their registration process on the platform, so that they can resume their activity with the new 24-hour Bogota hours. In this new normal we must behave as if we have coronaviruses: wearing face masks and avoiding non-essential social contact.

Luis Ernesto Gómez, Secretary of the Government of Bogotá.


Courtesy of the Government Secretariat.

Since Monday, Kennedy enters a stricter isolation than the rest of the city, why is Kennedy worrying?
I don’t know

In this town we have the highest concentration of contagion. One in four cases of covid-19 are there and 67 people have died. It is a third of the deaths from coronavirus in the city (30.1%). We understand that many people who leave do not do so out of disobedience, but it is time to reinforce care measures. We will continue to arrive with food aid and health brigades. If we want to recover Kennedy and take care of the rest of Bogotá, we must isolate her.

What steps will be taken at Kennedy?
I don’t know

From the 1st to the 14th of June a strict obligatory isolation will be applied, the same as in the March drill; You can only leave for essential services such as food supplies, pharmaceuticals or basic necessities, attend any medical emergency, assist people who require it or any matter of force majeure.

During these 14 days the tests will be increased to 700 daily, inclusive, to asymptomatic people to know where the virus is going and to be able to isolate, protect and lower the speed of contagion. They will also be carried out in areas where there are high-risk populations due to the high occupation of essential establishments open to the public.

What will happen to the zones of the other localities in orange alert?

In Bogotá we had 14 special care areas, of which 8 corresponded to Kennedy. In the rest of towns such as Puente Aranda, Rafael Uribe Uribe, Chapinero and Suba the intervention had a positive effect. So, as these areas turned 14 days, they have been rising. Only the UPZ Ciudad Jardín, in Antonio Nariño, remains in force and its intervention ends on June 4.

Register in Bogotá Caregiver

The Bogotá mayor’s office activated the Bogotá Caregiver platform so that citizens can register their health data and access other key service information in this pandemic. Find all the information on the web

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