Coronavirus in France: restaurants and bars demand that Justice be allowed to open

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, decreed a new confinement at the national level on October 30, which forces the closure of businesses considered non-essential.

The main professional organization in France of restaurants, bars and cafes announced this Saturday that they will denounce before the Justice the administrative closure decreed for their businesses since the beginning of the home confinement in force since October 30.

The Union of Trades of the Hospitality Industries (Umih, for its acronym in French) recalled that the Government has justified this closure for health reasons to contain coronavirus infections. However, he added that he has not provided figures that show that there are more infections in restaurants than in collective dining rooms, which for their part have been able to continue operating and that they welcome more public.

The Umih insisted that its establishments have been applying the same protocols as the collective dining rooms since June and the end of the first confinement. For thoseThey consider themselves discriminated against and plan to end their appeal between now and November 20.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex warned last Thursday that once home confinement is lifted in its current configuration, which is scheduled to occur from December 1, bars and restaurants will have to remain closed.

The day before, the hospitality management had published a survey of 6,600 companies in the sector in which 65.8% of the professionals said they feared that this second administrative closure would force their company to lower the blind.

Maximum alert due to the severity of the second wave

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, decreed a new confinement at the national level on October 30, which forces the closure of businesses considered non-essential.

Currently, the French can only leave their homes to go to work, when they cannot do it from home, to go to a medical appointment, help a relative, do essential shopping or go out briefly to exercise or take a walk close to home .



According to Jean Castex, the closure of all non-essential shops (bookstores, clothing stores, flower shops, hairdressers, etc …) and the decrease in the number of trips due to an increase in teleworking have caused a fall in the number of contaminations in 16% this week.

But hospitalizations for the coronavirus in France already exceed those of the first wave, with more than 32,000 patients currently in hospitals, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday. “In recent days we registered one hospitalization every 30 seconds and one admission to intensive care every 3 minutes”said the French prime minister at a press conference.

In total, 4,803 people are currently in intensive care throughout France, corresponding to 95% of total capacities.

Faced with this health outlook, “it would be irresponsible to lift or even make the confinement device more flexible,” said the prime minister, who faces the anger of traders who demand a relaxation of the measures in force.

But the prime minister called for “prudence” because “this trend is recent and fragile.” A “relaxation” of the confinement could be contemplated on December 1, if a decrease in the contagion curve is confirmed, said the prime minister, but excluded that such as bars, restaurants or gyms reopen on that date.

France accumulates 42,000 deaths from covid-19 since the beginning of the epidemic in March.

With information from EFE and AFP


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